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anrz 05-10-2009 03:35 PM

First Show of the Season!
This weekend, I had my first schooling show of the season. On saturday I rode Cody in dressage (training level 4) and on sunday I rode Jake in Short Stirrup W/T/C Equitation, Youth Equitation Over Fences (2'), Novice Hunter Over Fences (2'3), and another, different, Novice Hunter Over Fences. We placed 3rd in the dressage because the show was running ahead of time and I didn't know, so we had to rush up to the arena at a trot (me leading him!) and then quickly tighten his girth and adjust the stirrups. It was really hectic, so it didn't turn out so great. Cody was amazing, I was just very frazzled. We got 1st in W/T/C Equitation so that was fun. The jumping didn't turn out so great. In the Youth Equitation Over Fences (we got 4th), he refused the same jump four times (it was a gate- so scary for him lol) and then in Novice Hunter Over Fences (#1) he refused a blue stripy jump once- 4th again. The last Novice Hunter went well, actually. We placed 4th also though. I was just watching people ride while I held Jake, and then the ring steward was like, "Do you want to ride this one, too?" I looked at the jump sequence for like 30 seconds and then had to ride it- and strangely enough, it went pretty smoothly. I am happy with Jake because we did really well- most of the mistakes were mine- not his. I need to work on keeping my eyes up and heels down. Wow this is really long :lol:

Dartanion 05-12-2009 06:39 PM

Congrates on everything! the point is that you learnt what you have to work on. It seems like as soon as I fix a problem I had at a previous show I am working on a new one from the show I just finished!:lol: it's tons of fun though! Do you have any pics??

P.s. There were a lot of horses refusing a gait jump at my show this past Sunday. Horses and those gaits! lol.

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