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JustSoRoyal 09-13-2013 02:58 AM

Breeding color?
Okay so here is just a theoretical question I'm going to throw out here that I've been pondering awhile.

There are absolutely no blue roan pintos around me. I found one a few days ago that I liked but wasn't sold on buying because she would only fill out to 14hh. When I went back to further inquire on this lovely filly, she was sold. That's pretty much how fast they go...

So I was pondering on color chances and genes with breeding and such, not that I'll necessarily breed. But pretty much here's the situation.

I have a blue roan Percheron mare. She is turning 5 next year and isn't really a great show horse IMO just because of her history of abuse so she gets quite nervous and shies away from everything at shows. Though she's flashy, I'm using her as pleasure.

Would breeding her to a homozygous tobiano "up" the possibility/percentage factor of her throwing a blue roan pinto?

I know that it's a crapshoot with breeding, but I'm just spitballing ideas to get color and chrome in one package here.

So opinions? :)
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NdAppy 09-13-2013 09:43 AM

50-50 the foal would get roan.

But please don't breed. There are plenty of blue roan tobianos out there. Buy one and haul it in.

verona1016 09-13-2013 04:50 PM

Theoretically, if you bred a blue roan mare to a black homozygous tobiano, you'd definitely get a black horse, it would definitely carry tobiano (and tobiano usually expresses loudly, but there's no guarantee), and there's a 50% chance it would inherit roan as well (unless your mare is homozygous for roan, in which case it would definitely get roan as well)

But as NdAppy pointed out, there are plenty of blue roan pintos out there, and buying from further away and paying to have it hauled to you would still be cheaper than breeding your own and waiting until it was old enough to be started under saddle. Plus, you already know what you're getting (conformation-wise) whereas with breeding you might end up with a nice horse, or you might not.

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