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Velvetgrace 05-11-2009 09:15 AM

How to teach them to stand tied
The horse that I am working with has beautiful ground manners and stands "ground tied" very well. However the last couple of times I tried to tie them to a tree, post or something solid, the horse wants to react to by trying to back up and pull on the lead. This creates a problem! I need to get this horse to learn that it is okay to stand tied and for long peroids of time especially for trail rides where we need to tie them to the trailer or on a line.

twogeldings 05-11-2009 10:32 AM

I would start by bringing the lead around the pole or other object (don't wrap it), and stand there holding it. When the horse stands still, give lots of praise. When he moves, take him by the halter (under were the lead clips) or by the start of the lead and give the 'whoa' or 'easy' command. It is crucial to be patient and calm, don't start with tying until the horse is comfortable with the idea of being tied.

Being tied goes against all of a horses instincts so you just gotta be patient and work at it. x)

A reward system could also be useful. Some grass, or chunks of a favorite treat given when positive behavior is achieved can help a horse gain confidence and trust in the trainer. A tasty treat encourages relaxation and more positive behavior.
I myself don't give treats EVERY time something I want occurs, a good scratch or a rub on the head also conveys the 'good job!' message. I do not give ANY treats if pushy or nippy behavior begins. I demand respect and a calm attitude if any treats are to be given.

I have been using a reward and punishment system with my three year old with awesome results. He is not nippy or pushy, but instead is much calmer and quieter around people, and is easier to handle in general.

RedRoan 05-11-2009 10:37 AM

There is a video around here that someone posted that I can't find at the moment that would be awesome to show you. I will try finding it later for you when I have more time.

It sounds like your horse hasn't been despooked with a sort of "Pressure and release" sort of method. There are a couple of ways that I know how to get your horse to react by instead of pulling but to give in to that pressure.

The one in the video that I was trying to find has the person loop a long lead line through a hook on the wall (without it tied) and the horse on the other end. She would then run at the horse freaking it out and having it pull back (but she would release that pressure on the rope and allow it to back up. She would repeat over and over again and pretty soon the horse just didn't care and knew he wasn't going to go anywhere by pulling back. By the final attempts she would do it and the horse wouldn't even apply any pressure and just stood there licking its lips.

Oh and also in the middle of doing that, when the horse did not pull back she made sure to reward the horse for its good behavior of not flipping out big time on the tie ring.

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