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trashcore 05-11-2009 08:57 PM

Clean but dirty horse? :/
Hey, I'm from Australia, so it's cold and getting colder here. And we've recently started rugging up super well (combo rugs and such). But I've found that when I take off my boys combo rug he looks spotless, (not complaining about that!) and when I brush him, no dirty/dust comes off (apart from a little on his legs/face). Same with currying, no dirty! But then I tack him up, ride him, and when I get off there is HEAPS of dust round the edge of the saddle blanket (none under) and his rump is reasonably dusty too. :/
I'm so confused! Why no dust when currying etc, but riding there is dust galore!?
Also how can I clean him if there is no dust while currying? I can't bathe, way too cold.


twogeldings 05-11-2009 10:03 PM

I've found that sometimes a curry just doesn't bring up the dirt like it should. I use a shedding blade and (GENTLY! mind you) work it against the grain of the hair. It's incredible how much dirt I can work out of a seemingly clean coat that the curry didn't even hint about O_O

I only do this on the fatty parts beside the spine and on on the top of the rump. My boys are always very relaxed and calm when I do it x)

IrishCailin 05-11-2009 10:21 PM

Is it sand form the riding arena? when I ride my horse gets dusty, I just brush it off.
hope that helps! :D

horseloverd2 05-11-2009 10:22 PM

Well, is it possible that your tack is dirty?

Other than that, I have no real solution, but a reason that may be happening is the saddle pad could be pushing the dirt out from under his back. It happens with me occasionally, especially if you get them a little sweaty.

Cleaning with ShowSheen is a good way to give them a "bath" in the winter! Use it in moderation, however.

trashcore 05-11-2009 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by twogeldings (Post 305395)
I only do this on the fatty parts beside the spine and on on the top of the rump.

Haha, only the fat bits? Then I could use it all over. :P (kidding of course, fat joke)
My horse is so fat right now! He's been out of work for a while. **** Mud Fever.


Originally Posted by IrishCailin (Post 305405)
Is it sand form the riding arena?

It isn't sand, more stoney, but ... not? :/
It's so hard to explain. But there is no way the arena could be making this dirt, especially since it's not like dry? I'm sorry If I don't make much sense, haha.


Originally Posted by horseloverd2 (Post 305409)
Well, is it possible that your tack is dirty?

The saddle pad could be pushing the dirt out from under his back.

No. I always keep my tack as clean as possible. I wash my saddle pads regularly.
But I don't see how dirty tack could make this dirt since it's not under the saddle, simply around it.
I think the second part is more likely... But I still need to know how to clean it. >-<

LeahKathleen 05-11-2009 11:53 PM

I LOVE my Slick 'N' Easy block. It is AMAZING how much more dirt and loose hair I get off my horses with it - even when the curry isn't getting anything.

Whipple 05-11-2009 11:59 PM

If it's mostly on the edge of the pad, then I would assume it's from the arena. Sand is very dusty. When it gets dry it's unbearable to deal with, it gets in your eyes, throat, ect. So I'm assuming it would get on your pad, even if it's not extremely dry in the area.
But I agree with the shedding blade, as long as you're gentle with it, it can do alot more then a curry.

IrishRider 05-12-2009 11:15 AM

Is your horse dark? My mare is a black bay and she looks so clean all of the time but then when I really go to clean her I discover that she is a filthy mess. Dark horses seem to hide the dirt better. I don't bathe when the weather is cold. I agree with the other poster talking about Slick N Easy blocks. I always have one in my groom box and they bring up a lot of extra dirt and hair.

Audra0729 05-13-2009 10:25 AM

even in cold weather you can give him a sponge bath, I never do, but its always an option, just be sure you use warm water and have a towel to dry him off with so he doesn't freeze.

the slick n easy blocks are amazing, get a few and keep them in your tack box at all times, they always come in handy.

my horse is also a black bay and i never know exactly how DIRTY he is until i see the muddy water rolling off him... ick! but he stays shiny for a loooong time after I bathe him, no matter how many times i witness him rolling in the dirt :lol:

also im not sure if a liniment bath is an option?? I know it's slighty warming even with cold water, I use it on my horses after a hard ride, helps the muscles. you could put a LIGHT blanket on him after you get the excess water off, it creates heat while still covered. if anyone dissagrees let me know, if not, I would sponge it on with warm water, it should be dilouted like 10 parts water 1 part liniment I do believe and rinse off.

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