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luvbeach 09-14-2013 08:26 PM

Trailing riding - alone or in a group?
Is it ok to go out on a trail ride alone? I don't have anyone to ride with me, so I am thinking about venturing out on my own. Does anyone else ever do this? My mare is VERY calm and and doesn't get bothered by anything. I don't think I would ever do this alone with my gelding.

pbeebs 09-14-2013 08:45 PM

Ideally its best to trail ride with someone else for safety. But It's hard to make sure you always have someone with you so sometimes you have to go alone. Since you have a trusty horse I think you're fine to do so. Some of my best "reflection time" was me and my old gelding out just us in nature. It's the best. But make sure you take your cell phone and tell someone where you're going...don't go far off the beaten path.

Joe4d 09-14-2013 08:48 PM

if i didnt ride alone I would probably rarely be able to ride.
just find some one to check out with that knows how long you will be gone. then be sure to let them know when your back.
I also pick different areas when alone. I have a battlefield park near an army base to ride, there is generally a jogger or biker along every so often.

AQHSam 09-14-2013 08:51 PM

same boat here. I take my horse to a trail campground with others but they don't like to do more than one ride a day. And sometimes they leave to go back to their barn to do chores.

I've tried venturing out by myself. I stick to uber easy trails. Flat and close to campground to work up Sam's confidence.

You wont know until you try, but for success, pick a familiar trail. if you can hack out at your barn by yourself and get your mare more confident exploring on her own.

GamingGrrl 09-14-2013 09:00 PM

I ride alone, I always plan my path, and tell someone where I'm going and an estimate of when I'll be finished. I always carry my phone, and I use an app that shows my position of a map of our local forest when I ride there.
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6gun Kid 09-14-2013 11:04 PM

I do a lot of both, but if I am ride alone, I always let someone know where I am and an approximate time Ill be back.

Painted Horse 09-15-2013 12:36 AM

I prefer to go with friends and enjoy the sights as a group, More fun to see and share.

But if I've got the day off and nobody else is free. I go alone. Not a big deal.

In fact it is fairly common to see guides, outfitters and cowboys out working alone. Guides and Outfitters often coming down a trail with 3-7 horses in a pack string behind them, and they have been 10 miles into the wilderness to drop off or pick up a spot camp.

Ranchers often have to check on their cows on their grazing permits. This requires them to ride up on the mountain in rough and remote terrain to check on cattle on grazing permits. I see sheep herders spending weeks at time alone with their flocks. They have 2-3 horses and ride a different one each day as they keep track of their flocks.

SorrelHorse 09-15-2013 12:38 AM

I ride alone quite a bit. I agree, just takes your phone and tell someone where you're going.

DancingArabian 09-15-2013 10:21 AM

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Just my opinion...
I don't think a person should ride alone if they are inexperienced and are lacking in first aid knowledge. I think a horse should go out several times with a quiet, experienced trail horse to give both you and the horse exposure. How your horse acts in the riding space at home may not be the same way he acts on the trail, and that's something you should know about your horse. You also should know how to deal with injuries because its very easy to get hurt, not know what to do and make it worse by doing nothing or the wrong thing.

Personally, I usually ride alone. I don't enjoy company most of the time and my horse turns into a lunatic with others around.

It's fine to trail ride alone as long as you're careful.
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TrailDustMelody 09-15-2013 01:06 PM

I prefer riding alone because I can go at my own speed, and my horse stays focused on me. She is super sane and calm so I feel it is safe. If you are confident in your horse on the trail, I'd say go for it. Just stick to the safer trails, and let someone know approximately how long you will be out. Carry your phone on you (not on the horse).

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