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CJ82Sky 09-14-2013 08:49 PM

Really connected rides - recovering from injuries
ever have one of those rides where you are so connected with your horse, and you have the ring to yourself, that you are really able to work on your position and riding based on your horse's feedback? i had one of those today and it was great!

rode my clyde-x duke first and he was much lighter and great on the flat, and good over fences, so i'll start working on him with some gymnastics to get him ready for foxhunting and perhaps a few hunter shows, which is cool. but he's so dead honest that as long as you ride effectively, he doesn't pay much mind to your position overall. so then i rode my jumper sky (OTTB).

sky's over-opinionated, too smart for his own good, and incredibly sensitive. riding him in the ring by myself this evening was awesome because i was able to realize a few position flaws that were brought on since knee surgery (i had major ACL reconstruction and cartilage repair in Feb with a recovery time of 8- 12 mos, but i was riding in 3 weeks, and until a few weeks ago was in a pretty big brace to ride in). the brace kept me from getting my leg on the horse properly, and because of the hinge, i found i was also perching and balancing more off my knee/thigh than my whole leg. i also have back issues (yeah i'm a mess) and was riding with a somewhat hollow back, and riding defensively because of all of these injuries (i had 2 weeks off - today was first ride back -due to pinched nerves in my neck & back causing serious issues).

well i have to tell you it was AMAZING! i was able to just walk and trot and walk and walk and keep adjusting myself as sky gave me feedback on what i was doing right and what needed fixing. we spent about an hour and half working together, mostly walking at first, and eventually ended with my leg about 3" longer (at least it felt that way!), my seat significantly deeper, my shoulder and chest more up, my back flat, and my position back to it's good ol' trustworthy eventer position ;) my friend came to watch and said she was able to see the difference in both me and my horse.


so anyone else have similar issues? either those really wonderful connected rides where you learn more from your horse than you have from anyone else trainer or otherwise in ages? or recovering from an injury find that you had to redo/fix your position based on instinctual need to protect the injury?

MyBoyPuck 09-14-2013 09:07 PM

What fantastic timing you have for this topic! So glad to see you back on the forum. A lot of the old timers have long since disappeared. I've been missing a lot of folks.

I had an involuntary dismount 2 weeks ago and bruised my ribs, so I can only ride at the walk without aggravating them. The other day, I put on the bareback pad and rode my TB around at the walk doing leg yields, shoulder-fore, hanches-in, turn on forehand, turn on haunches, bending everything on that horse I could bend. Without every going above a walk, I had that horse so connected, soft, deep into the bridle and with a nice foam on the bit like I have never had before. I found all his points of resistance and all his escape routes, the corresponding parts of me that was weak or out of position, and have mapped out a strategy for addressing everything once I'm doing "real" riding again. I always knew there was much more to walking than just plodding along the railing, but I never knew I could get what I felt the other day. It really was fantastic!

CJ82Sky 09-14-2013 09:33 PM

Hi Puck & glad to be back!!! i am working for myself now FT as a digital marketing consultant ( if anyone needs marketing help haha), and hope to be on here more. i miss the old crew!!

and yes, rides like that are just so great. now that i am working for myself, i want to also make a point to ride alone more often so that i can just listen to my horse. i have my own farm and teach "weekend warrior" lessons and while we do bring in outside trainers from time to time, until things really take off for me work-wise, i'm limited to working on myself. sometimes, listening to my horse teaches me more than i could have imagined!!!

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