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twogeldings 05-11-2009 11:25 PM

CUTEST new horse across the street...
So my neighbor has around 8 or so horses (all very well cared for, healthy, fat things, mind you, he has the acres for 'em and he loves the buggers) and I noticed a new chestnut the other day in the pasture were his two colts used to be. So...being the natural horse loving horsie snoop I am I went over to say hi 8D

And oh my GOD! :shock:

BEAUTIFUL! Stock type QH or a unpainted paint (I haven't talked to my neighbor yet, so I dunno). He has a massive head (in a good way), really stocky build, very kind eye, and the cutest personality. He sniffled my face and tried to eat my glasses (teehee, reminds me of Loki) so I got to glimpse his teeth. I would guess he's around 2-3 years old...maybe 4? Not a very big horse, maybe 14hh.

A motorcycle came roaring down the road and I even got to see a little lope action going on. I drooled.

I would love to have a gelding like that. I do adore, treasure, and put my Foxtrotters on a pedestal. But there not exactly down-n'-dirty stock types that are built like a massive four-legged brick walls with a locomotive engines for heads.

He loitered by the fence after I left and after I got home -five hours later- from my own boys he was still a loitering xD I wanted to go over there so bad and feed him some grass (as if he doesn't have a good three acres full of it) but I had chores to do D:

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