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Timeless 09-16-2013 12:21 AM

Adopted rescue TWH and needs help with ground manners
I just joined this forum and I am looking for advice, I have or in the process of adopting a TWH and he is a stallion but soon to be gelded. He is very happy and is so sweet, grazed while I brushed his matted tail. He is a rescue from a very sad situation, he is extremely under weight, but in the rescue he is gaining weight and becoming the horse I know he can be. He is a stallion but very unstallion like , he could care less at any time about mares or other horses around him. Very laid back , he will look at the other horses , mares as well, then get distracted and go back to what he was doing.

I noticed today while leading him, he is a little pushy and does try to walk and lead me, now I m short and slower but I know he can keep pace with me and not be pushy. I was wondering and hoping for some advice, on ground manners, where to start or to wait till he is back to full health. And how to go about it, he will let me pick up his hoofs, mess with almost any part of his body, I have not touched his privates or attempted.

Also on a side note his coat from his poor health is very poor and along with his mane and tail. His mane is almost...its just now starting to grow back unsure why it was all gone, he is 5 years old.

BreakableRider 09-16-2013 03:05 AM

You can start with some basic manners while he picks up his weight. You just don't want to get into say round penning or lunging until he's at a better weight.

One common problem I see is people leading their horse too far up the leadrope, you do want to give your horse some slack, if you try to micromanage leading a horse they do tend to get pushy.

First, use a rope halter. When you use a nylon or leather halter with a pushy horse there is enough surface area there that a horse can easily push against it and pull you around.

My process if pretty darn simple. Start leading him, as soon as he gets ahead of you, abruptly turn and head the other way, you do want to make sure that he pulls on himself with the halter. Any time he barges forward into your space, use the end of your lead rope and swing it around the back of you. If he moves out of your space before it whacks him, great. If he stands there and gets whacked, well he'll learn to back up. If he goes to push you around with his head put your hands up by his eye and make a firm patting motion in the air by his eye. Horses are protective of their eyes of course and he'll move over. When he moves leave him alone.

Don't worry about him getting headshy or worried about your lead rope. Think of horses in the pasture, if there's a pushy horse and another horse has to get after him and bite or kick that horse doesn't get worried about it later. Whenh the horse that disciplined the horse picks up a back hoof, unless that horse has got pinned ears and is being aggressive the other horse isn't going to move away. Just discipline the action at the time and you won't have a problem.

Next little bit is when you're standing watch your horse, when he looks off in another direction slide your hand down the leadrope kind of slowly, when you've got the slack out, bump his nose back toward your pretty firmly.

From there walk around to his butt, if he isn't trying to keep following you and facing you swing that leadrope in vertical circles toward his butt, if he doesn't move and gets whacked, he'll learn. A horse that is paying attention to you and is starting to move out of your space is a respectful horse that isn't going to push you around.

I'm having some computer difficulties as far as watching videos but I believe this is the one I'm looking for that shows what i've written about.

Timeless 09-27-2013 03:38 PM

Thanks so much, I have been taking your words to heart and to say the least he has turned around. He already is not going ahead of me trying to pick where we go. He of course main goal is getting food when ever he can but follows me and pays attention. The rope halter is working great. Had him out grazing the other day and when ever I would want to move spots he would stop grazing and follow with out being stubborn about it or pushy. Gave him a good bath the other day he stood still and just enjoyed the good rub down and combed out his mane and tail. Again thank you!

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