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heartscontent 05-13-2009 11:36 PM

How hard is it to switch from western to dressage?
I've watched some dressage tests(I think they were about 1st and 2nd level). The horses were highstrong tb's raring to go. They got high marks on impulsion from the judges. I have a horse that I ride on contact that is not fast. He is very lazy but lately I have made him extend his trot and canter to the type that is fast enough for english shows. Not exactly fast but more forward motion. What i'm wondering is will I be marked down for having a horse that is easy to sit the trot and has a long stride but it lazy? If he's actually engaging his hind end a bit and not on his forward but also not moving fast? I might ask a dressage trainer for an opinion this fall but just wondering if it's worth it show wise. Right now we are working on going from a jog to a trot and from a collected trot to a loose rein jog. I like to trot and I've discovered that my horse can basically do a western head low jog or a nice trot with contact. And his canter is enough forward for showing english but I still have to work a lot on that because he is very lazy and likes to stop.

Eolith 05-14-2009 09:35 AM

You definitely don't need a highstrung horse to do well in dressage. In fact, many big timers on the fancy warmbloods have to really work to get the warmbloods going.

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