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Fulford15 09-17-2013 04:24 PM

Breaking Bad Fans!
Anyone obsessed with Breaking Bad too?

My BF got me completely hooked on it and now I find myself waiting for Sunday to come around. :lol: The last episode was so intense!

Corporal 09-17-2013 04:30 PM

Not so hooked on it. It reminds me of a Greek Tragedy. My plans for the ending are that Walt and Jessie make up, leave the country--or, at least stop in ND for awhile, with their 11 mil$ and live happily ever after. Nobody every really appreciated either of them, anyway.

Fulford15 09-17-2013 04:48 PM

Everytime I think I know what is going to happen I am completely shocked. They are planning on doing a spin off of the show about Saul Goodman before he was Walt's lawyer.

AQHSam 09-17-2013 08:39 PM

My husband and I started watching Br Ba on Netflix three weeks ago and are almost done with Season 5 / Part 1.

I hate Walter White. I secretly hope he dies a painful tragic death.

Sorry, but omgoodness. He went from nice guy with cancer to a complete piece of blah.

I need to watch Disney after we watch 2-3 episodes to get rid of my anger at him.


Stilton 09-21-2013 04:45 AM

I was late to the party but have watched all the episodes now! I also hate Walter White he has turned into a real piece of **** especially in the last episode

Chiilaa 09-30-2013 12:17 AM


That is all.

Poseidon 09-30-2013 12:24 AM

I don't know what to do with myself anymore! All of the tv shows I watched are ending. I'm a huge fan of The Office and cried when that ended, then 30 Rock ended this spring (though, admittedly, I got busy and have some still to go), and now Breaking Bad is done. NUUUU.

But I didn't even think about how I would have wanted it to end, but this worked very, very well. I just don't know how if I'm ready for it to be over. I do have to save my pennies for the methylamine barrel of DVDs.

And I'm keeping my text tone as "Yeah b*tch! Magnets!"

COWCHICK77 10-12-2013 09:08 PM

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Hubby and I love Breaking Bad!
I have never seen it before and we haven't had satellite or cable for well over a year and started just watching it on DVD from Netflix..only on season 3 so far.

Chiilaa 11-18-2013 05:15 AM

Poseidon 11-20-2013 12:08 PM

I saw that the other day and I love it!

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