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luigi956 09-18-2013 04:47 PM

Just rescued this horse but now i need help
i just rescued this horse from going to the slaughter house i waisted all the money i had but i couldnt let anything happen to him......
so his name is Pirate since he is missing the eye and wont be able to be cured but look at it what can i do to help with that until i get money to get a vet to take a look at him and like how much would a vet charge me to close up that eye i hade never spend so much time around horses until about 6 months ago when my wife got a mare and i really love this horse i got and my daughters do too please help
thats the one thats missing an eye
this is his ok eye
and this is him PIRATE

spirit88 09-18-2013 05:03 PM

Just wondering how your going to feed this horse if you have no money left now. That eye needs vet care now not later. Looks like he got nothing to eat where hes tied up and no water.

Horses need hay or grass 24/7 they are grazing animals.

Cute looking horse.

luigi956 09-18-2013 05:56 PM

i just tied him up there while i took him a shower and cleaned up a dry stable for him i have maybe over 35 bales of hay and like 7 bags of safe choice maintenance horse feed and its just for him and my wifes mare im not one to let a perfectly good horse go to the slaughter house i paid 1500 just to get him that was my 2 week paycheck i had just gotten and now im going to have to wait.... how about you let any of your horses go to the slaughter house then complain i didnt even pay my mortgage just to get him off my friend so before you want to come to me and tell me anything make sure that you get your facts straight ok thank you

luigi956 09-18-2013 05:59 PM

sorry to go off but ive heard it from too many people that i shouldn't of spend my money on a horse that is not worth it only i know what this horse means thats the only horse that i've ridden for the past year that ive been going to my friends ranch to ride

spirit88 09-18-2013 06:06 PM

No offence iam glad you saved him from slaughter thats great. Was just wondering how you were going to feed if you had no money. glad youv got hay and grain for them already so all is good.

Sorry if i came across as being rude that wasnt my intension at all. Dont like seeing animals go hungry.

Welcome to the forums.... and best of luck with your new boy..

luigi956 09-18-2013 06:11 PM

thank you and yes i know i knew something like that would come up thats why i wanted to excuse my self for my rudeness

JustDressageIt 09-18-2013 06:12 PM

He needs a vet now. Not when you can get around to it. That eye is infected and needs medical attention.

Please get a proper halter and tie him up properly or you will end up with a strangled horse.
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GamingGrrl 09-18-2013 06:17 PM

He needs to see the vet now. Urgently. I can't even imagine what's going to happen if it gets infected, if its not already.

And yes. People are right to tell you that it was irresponsible. It was. You can't afford to help this horse right now when he urgently needs vet care!

I just hope he eventually gets the care he needs, or an end to his pain, because there's no way that that's not painful.
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smrobs 09-18-2013 06:18 PM

Even his "okay" eye doesn't look all that okay to me :? I'm seeing irritation and discharge coming from it too. He needs a vet now, there's not much of anything that we can suggest to help him because he needs professional, medical help.

Now, this is going to seem very rude to you but I think it needs to be said and I feel it's best to not sugarcoat things or else some of the impact of the truth might be lost.

You skipped a mortgage payment to pay for a horse that's blind in at least one eye (and judging from the appearance of the other, he may be totally blind before very long).

You have a wife and kids and are now behind on a mortgage payment. What in the world were you thinking?

I can appreciate that you wanted to stop this horse from going to slaughter, but you are endangering your family's home and you can't even give him the care that he needs. He shouldn't have to suffer and wait until you can afford to have a vet see him. That's cruel and it may be doing more damage than you know.

Did you even ask how he lost his eye? What if he's got cancer (which isn't uncommon around the eyes on horses with pink skin there, just so you know)? What then? Can you afford the cost of euthanasia and disposal? Are you going to have it treated since you love him and can't bear to part with him? How are you going to afford that?

This is one of my biggest peeves, that people "rescue" a horse (although, since you actually bought him, he doesn't qualify as a "rescue" anyway) but can't afford to give them the care that they so desperately need.

Incitatus32 09-18-2013 06:19 PM

I agree with JustDressageit and Smrobs, his eyes do not look good. Though I'm not seeing it in person but it's still something that you want to get looked at ASAP. Maybe if you check with vets in your area you can work out a payment plan or something? I don't know how much they would charge. Also, another thought is look at your local University's that have vet programs, the one I attend their animal hospitals have a program for people who can't afford a surgery, give discounts to rescues and so on so that they can give their students supervised practice, it's a win-win for owners and us vet students. Any vet or heck even vet student attention would be good at this point! I'm not going to rag on you for what you did because you did what you thought was right and you're going to have to figure a way to make a good outcome from all of this. I wish you luck.

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