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DriftingShadow 09-19-2013 12:34 AM

Drifter gets his revenge
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So for those of you who have peeked at me thread under the Horse Health section involving whiskey passing out unexpectedly (issue has been solved- sleep deprivation) you would have noticed I mentioned that I had tried giving him a buddy by putting him up with my very laid back gelding Drifter.

Well it ended up being a nightmare because Whiskey does not have great herd skills, and he tried to rip poor Drifter to shreds. Well, tonight a good friend threw her dominant small horse/large pony (hes like right on the edge so I'm not sure whats hes actually considered to be) in with Whiskey. He is PERFECT for this because he will not go out of his way to beat Whiskey up, but he let him know REAL QUICK that certain things from youngsters just werent tolerated.

Well Whiskey finally got the hint and went to stand at the fence that separated their private lot from another private pasture. A friend's horse has a soft tissue injury from being kicked, and had to be put up in that neighboring pasture tonight. Drifter went up with him because they are best buds and neither one reacts well to being separated.

Let me just say that Drifter is LOVING that fence being there. It protects him and allows him to seek vengence on Whiskey. I was out there checking on everybody tonight and was cracking up because Drifter would bite Whiskey and then trot off from the fence and turn around and whinny back at him like "HA! Revenge is sweet!".

I probably should feel sorry for Whisk, but I can't. He has been a little terror so maybe one night where the tables are turned will do him some good. :lol:

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deserthorsewoman 09-19-2013 12:43 AM

Drifter the extraterrestrial horse.....look at these eyes........:-)

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