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ponylover1 09-19-2013 01:48 AM

Bitless Bridle
I have a horse that I am wondering if I should use a bitless bridle on.
I am wondering if I could get some opinions as to why you guys would use a bitless bridle, and reasons are welcome!:D

bsms 09-19-2013 09:55 AM

Why? They can be more convenient. I'd use one if my horse had some sort of mouth injury.

I used sidepull halters for a few years, but switched to riding with bits all the time. Bits are a fairly easy way to have better communication with your horse, and I consider that a good thing.



darcied 09-21-2013 09:43 PM

Hi! :D

I use a bit-less because my horse works 100% better in one! I used to ride him in a simple snaffle and when we started having problems i tried all sorts of bits but couldn't find a single one that he seemed to like. One day i got so fed up of him acting up that i rode back to the stables and changed into a halter, i took him back out and he was a different horse!! he behaved perfectly!

Ever since then, i ride in halter or bit-less when i can. When i do have to ride in a bit (competing or PC ect) his performance rapidly decreases and his old problems set back in (head tossing, non-responisve ect)

We jump, work cattle, trail ride, gallop ect all in a halter and we don't have any problems! he can collect and round up nicely.

I would just try bitless on your horse, he might act beautifully!! :D

Incitatus32 09-21-2013 10:28 PM

I've used bitless bridles on a few horses who could not find a bit they liked (I always made sure they tolerated one though!) and a few who had injuries but other than that I've either used a halter and leadrope (for joy rides on horses I trusted) or bits for better communication/safety factor. I'd say see if it's a training, or health problem first and if it can't be resolved try a bitless. Don't be afraid to go back to using a bit though if it doesn't work out! :)

sorral3 09-22-2013 05:46 PM

If a horse is broke it should carry a bit. Bitless set ups are for starting a horse ( like my basal hack) I know what bit is going on my horse and will double bridle her to get used to it before it is our main communication aid. Unless there is a physical problem with the horse, it is your job to teach it to behave with whatever bit you want to use. My wife's horse has scars on her lounge from her previous owner not caring for her teeth, she will be a bosal horse the rest of her life. My mare will be a true bridle horse, carrying a spade, she doesn't have a say in it. If she acts up, it only means more work for her...I AM THE LEADER, WHAT I WAY GOES, I AM THE MORE INTELLIGENT LIFE FORM. I will not be cruel or heavy handed, but I will be firm in my insistence.

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