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Liv 05-16-2009 10:44 PM

When the bloodlines are TOO good (TWH)
I bought a mare in January, and I am so incredibly lucky to have her. She is one of the last breeding daughters of Ebony Masterpiece, a granddaughter of Rodger's Perfection, and a great granddaughter of My Midnight Traveler with Last Chance in her too. Full pedigree here. Her colour is extremely unusual to top it off, being a spotted sorrel sabino closer to a strawberry roan with a flaxen mane and tail. Her personality is perfect, and her gait is awesome.

The problem? I cannot find a stud I like that I'm not breeding down to. I have found a few I'm considering (Gen's Armed and Dangerous, JFK & sons) but none I've truly liked. I'm one of those that takes great pains breeding, and with her already being 21, time is precious. I'm not breeding to Ritz, I just don't like him. I've found other older bred horses, but most of them are sparingly bred and unproven in or out of the show ring with lackluster personalities.

With her unbelievable way of going, I'll probably end up showing her foals english and western pleasure, or if they end up with her more precise movements, I may take them gaited dressage. I don't pad my horses, everyone is barefoot, so please take that into consideration. None of her foals have ever been shown, but none of them have been below show quality.

What do you suggest? Or who? I live in Georgia, hour north of Atlanta and three hours south of Shelbyville. I'm pretty sure I've looked at every TWH stallion that's not way out west, so I will probably know a good many of them.

Thanks so much! Crossposted from the breeding forum.

walkinthewalk 05-17-2009 01:31 PM

If you're wanting to breed strictly for the show ring, I'm not much help.

I am not up to speed on any of them.

If you are wanting to breed to a "Heritage" type stallion, I am familiar with one or two folks - if they are still in business because they're older than I am and that's old:?

1) The Taylor Brothers had nothing but Chance breeding up until a few years ago. They had to infuse with other blood soas not to over do cross-breeding.

They are in Middle Tennessee, not far from the Alabama border.

2) "The Northern Foundation" bought from the Taylor Brothers to start their program.

Northern Foundations Farm of Whitehall, Wisconsin

3) Another thought might be to consider the McCurdy Walkers. While the breeders of McCurdy Walkers prefer not to call them Tennessee Walkers, they essentially are Tennessee Walkers.

The McCurdy Plantation Horse

I believe they also have only recently infused "modern" TWH blood into their breeding programs for the same reasons the Taylor Brothers did.

Again it depends what you want. Strictly for show means the stallions you have just mentioned, OOPS (which everyone seems to adore), Coins Hard Cash is another one and I wonder if the TWH Flag Horse Counterfeit Dollar is studded out? He is solid white and lives in Tennessee.

At any rate, these links will give you a different avenue to research and think about for your mare.

Keep us posted, I am interested in what you decide. Were she my mare, I know what I would do:D

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