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twogeldings 05-17-2009 03:17 PM

Incredible horses
It honestly never ceases to amaze me when I go to look at rescue sites.

These horses have nothing left. They look like skeletons with some horse hide slapped on. Then six months to a year later they look like they've been pampered all their lives. Fat, healthy, and incredibly shiny.

Some may never be sound again, some may have serious trust issues and others scars. Some may go on to become children's mounts or therapy horses.

And of course...some don't make it.

But the ones that thats something amazing.

I am pro-slaughter. I believe that not every horse can be trained. I believe that you can't put every horse born in a home. I believe in stricter breeding laws and even stricter stallion laws.

I also believe that slaughter is cruel. That these horses should not be shipped thousands of miles without drink or food. Same with every animal. From cow to chicken, what slaughter plants do to save a few bucks is nightmare inducing.

I encourage people to ask themselves, to question themselves deeply. Should you keep that colt ungelded? Is he really worth it?

Good lines don't always make a good horse. There are plenty of people willing to share horror stories of an ungelded colt. Sometimes they do eventually get gelded, but by then it can be to late. Human fear and natural instincts have turned that cute, doe-eyed little stud into a violent beast ready to kill.

Some may say, 'Well, it's there colt. There mare. They should decide what to do with it. Slaughter is WRONG!'

Yes. That is there colt, that is there mare. Have you ever seen a three year old Quarter Horse stallion, barely 14hh tall? Theres not an inch of his hide not covered in rain rot. All four hooves point in different directions. Theres warts all over his nose. He's sway backed and high rumped. He a few hundred pounds underweight. He has a nasty cut on his leg.
What does the owner say? 'He has great papers, I'd like to breed him someday'

And theres nothing you can do.

Now picture that colt, someone takes him in out of pity. He's about 5-6 years old now. He's skinny and quiet. They bring him back up to weight and geld him. He's healthy, cute, breeding season comes and all of a sudden he's aggressive.

He gets out, kills a child that happens to be playing in the yard.

Breed responsibly. Save a life.
Horses are incredible creatures. Instead of making another foal, consider giving one a home.

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