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Eolith 05-17-2009 07:30 PM

Leg protection
Hello all.

I'm helping a family get a 15 yr old Morgan mare back into working condition after several months off. I read somewhere that while getting back into work especially, it's important to have some leg protection to prevent any klutzy legs from banging up against each other.

That sounds reasonable enough to me, and I usually put splint boots on my pony when riding anyhow, but how far should I go with this mare? The whole nine yards with boots in front and back and bell boots? Since this horse isn't mine, I don't really want to be spending a whole ton getting her sports medicine boots or anything that she doesn't really need.

Also, I was wondering about the difference between polo wraps and splint boots. Do each serve a different purpose, or is one better than the other?

Spastic_Dove 05-17-2009 07:34 PM

I personally only put wraps on if I am doing something super intense. For normal workouts, I leave his legs naked. :)

Polo wraps don't really offer very much support. They are easy to be wrapped incorrectly and the material (at least the normal fleece) doesn't really do much. I have heard that they are good for riding when it is super cold out though -- Something to do with circulation. Someone else could explain it better.

Splint boots offer a bit more support to the leg and are good for interference from the other legs. Splint boots offer more shock absorption then polos and give more support to the tendon, I believe.

MIEventer 05-17-2009 07:54 PM

I would use Splint Boots for basic flat work, hacking. They prevent from knocking and bumping.

You can get basic Neoprene Splint Boots, really reasonable priced :)

Eolith 05-17-2009 10:35 PM

Thanks for the input.

Something like these would work, wouldn't they? Any opinions on what would be best?
Pro-Craft Sport Boots -
Padded Splint Boots -

Should I get boots for her front and hind legs, or just front?

stacieandtheboys 05-18-2009 12:12 AM

Wow I came here to ask the exact question! Looks like I am getting splints for everyone...also curious about the bells ( know I should probably get some for my gelding since he tends to over reach a little) and back boots.

MIEventer 05-18-2009 12:44 AM

If your horse over reaches, I would discuss with your Farrier to get the back toes Rockered. Also - get Professional Choice's Over Reach Boots made specifically for this.

The Davis Splints will do just fine :)

If your horse knocks their back ankles when in motion, get back boots. If they just knock their fronts, then get fronts - it wont hurt at all to put splints on all 4 - splints do nothing other than protect from knocks.

They don't support, they don't absorb shock - they just protect from knocks. So you wont hurt your horse what-so-ever to put splints on all 4.

StormyBlues 05-18-2009 07:31 PM

I would recomend Woof all purpose brushing boots. They are the best boots out there! They will last forever and are pretty much indestructibale.(however you spell that!) They are easy to clean and offer GREAT protection. I use rubber Centaur bell boots(in pink!:D) and they are great!

MIEventer 05-19-2009 10:11 AM

Every Splint Boot on the market today, do the same job as the other. All Splint Boots do is protect from knocks and bangs - if you want to get Woof...then fine, but you're buying the name.

Davis splints do just as well as any other splint on the market, at 1/2 the cost. Especially if this is not your horse and you don't want to spend that much money.

If you want to get into a more "advanced" protection for your horses legs, look into boots lined with Neoprene or Sheep Skin. The Neoprene aids in absorbing shock, so does the Sheep Skin.

But splints are splints, they all do the same job.

I actually like the basic Splints I used to use back in Pony Club. I used these for years, from D to C, until SMB's came out.


These are made out of Neoprene, so you got that shock absorbing, and the boot adds extra thickness to where the prime area's are for "knocking and striking".

Spastic_Dove 05-19-2009 12:36 PM

Those are what I have :)
I didn't know they made them without neoprene. o.o

MIEventer 05-19-2009 04:09 PM

There are lots of different types of splint boots out there. Rubber, leather, lined with neoprene, gel, sheep skin.

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