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borrowedwings 09-21-2013 01:14 AM

How much is this pony worth??
So I ride and train this pony named Blaze, and I really do love him to pieces<3

The other day, my mom asked me how much he would be IF he was for sale (which was WEIRD). I really have no idea though, and I haven't been able to come with anything. Do you guys have any ideas??

Blaze is a:
-12.2hh ponyXthoroughbred (his owner thinks)

-around 6 years old

-has been free jumped over 4 feet

-I have jumped him 3'6 ONCE, we consistently school 2'6-2'9 courses, and 3'-3'3 single fences

-its a bit hard to get him to keep weight on

-he has never been to a show, but I am showing him next summer starting off in pre-entry, but his owner (my coach) believes that we have the potential to be doing pre-training by the end of next year)

-he frames up quite nicely for me and moves off my leg, but I am the only one who can do that with him because I am the only one riding him with a bit

-he is barefoot

-great conformation and form over fences

-He was probably broke for western gaming, but my coach (his owner) picked him up when they found him as this little scrawny thing in a paddock while looking at another horse. He had a BIG problem with carrying a bit when they got him, she tried using him for lessons, but he started rearing which made it dangerous for the kids, so nobody really rode him for a while. I started riding him, and eventually got him to carry a bit again, and now he only really rears if the rider is giving conflicting signals and he just gets confused or scared, so he rears. He doesn't do this often, it is becoming less and less frequent. He has SUCH a soft mouth with the bit, you need to have CRAZY quiet hands. Now he is at the point where he can take certain kids (advanced beginners?), if they use the bitless bridle. My 9 year old sister rode him in summer camp with his bitless, and she is learning to jump stadium courses

Sorry that was so long, he is just a pretty special pony and I wanted to make sure I covered everything so that I could get an accurate a price as possible :)

We are in Ontario, Canada BTW


Laventosahorses 09-26-2013 11:02 AM

Personally i think 2500-3000
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critterlover86 09-26-2013 09:30 PM

wow that a really pretty horse,

but with a sensitive mouth there would be limited market

xlionesss 09-26-2013 09:38 PM

Around here he'd be worth around 1,500 or so.
Probably more if he would accept the bit, but the fact that he has the thinking he can rear, he would not be suitable for most riders, and most riders that could handle a rearer are much too large for him.
Also, I'm not sure what rules are for shows(jumpers or hunters) but I don't believe you can show with a bitless, so that would obviously limit his showing opportunities, too.

He's cute, but with the problem he has he wouldn't go for much around here.

AQHADreams 10-09-2013 09:29 PM

I'd say $1,500.00 CDN

Beautiful colour, and he's going off leg cues nicely and frames up & carries well. He's a good age, great height for pre-teens and doing jumping courses to make for a fun horse. I'd put $2,000.00 on him with that.
Except that pesky bit issue. Lots of riders are hard riders especially in the arena. This is an issue unfortunately a down fall which puts this guy down a couple hundred dollars.
Correct the bit issue as much as you can, enter some shows and ride him out on trails and you have a great horse on your hands.
If he's (healthy, sound, ground mannered, no vices etc)

As is 1500
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