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x-xExclusiveJumpx-x 08-02-2007 01:12 AM

Fat Leads To Stubborn!
Well my indoor arena is under-going construction, because i had to redo the barn when i moved in. So my main priority was getting stalls up, so when it rains my indoor starts flooding. I don't ride when there's puddle's... :roll:. Since i lease i'm allowed to use Zeke's original owners arena for practice, jumps etc. Well i trailered him to there place, i got him saddled etc then walked him in the indoor. I noticed there was another girl in there, and the barn owner said i could go ahead and still ride. I wasn't meaning to be noisy and at all, but you couldn't help but watch. Her horse was over weight and you could tell and very stubborn. She was trying to get him to jump.. "guessing" about 3'2-3'3? He's a little smaller than Zeke maybe 15.3H he could clear that "maybe" lol. I don't know the blubber might get in the way :lol:. Ok one she couldn't get him to do a proper lead change. IMO you always warm up before jumping, if he's snatching the bit out of your hands, not doing correct lead changes etc.

What makes you think he will perform a correct jump course? Duh.. so this girl in her teen age (NO offense). Was approaching the jump in correct canter and he STOPS :shock:. I think she wet her self, like 2 feet in front of this jump. She almost went threw his ears, that was pathetic! I pretended not to watch, but he was doing it the entire time i was in there. So i was doing a correct lead change around her and her horse side stepped in front of Zeke? I'm like what the heck, she goes sorry. I say its ok go straight back in the correct canter and by the time i came back for a lead change to a walk. She tried jumping again :?, i was like didn't you try that like 3 or 4 times with no result. Honestly the girls just teaching him to refuse a jump and get her self throw off head first. So since she couldn't get lubby to go over the jump i did for her lol. Then she asked me why, in no way to be rude i say "Because the jumps are set up and not being used". She gave me a dirty look :roll:, alright when she can get him over it I’ll get out of the way. But i'm there to work Zeke not watch a girl ruin a horse that clearly is going to get her hurt. She's approaching a 3ft or higher jump in a incorrect canter and he keeps dead stopping in front of it.

I get off and while i was un-tacking Zeke in the cross ties, Kimberly (the barn owner/original owner of Zeke). Said she has been trying that for like an hour or more :shock:. I asked her why you haven't told her to get off, she said because the porker isn't getting thinner by eating :lol:. I'm sorry its really cruel by there's no excuse he's that fat, and Kimberly doesn't feed him she has him on partial rent. But wow... she's wasting a nice horse, she said he's 11yrs.old and schooling 3'4 and she wants to compete at that. Not a good idea, if he's only schooling it for a little time she's not going to get the best results in a ring at all. Maybe that’s why he wont jump, to much pressure will result in lack of cooperating (clearly). But that’s annoying, she said she comes out maybe every 2 weeks and does this with him. About an 1 hour or more of work and fighting and she said the girl still doesn't understand the problem? I think she needs lessons or something because thats crazy, so i went and asked her if she was done because Kimberly wants the jumps (an excuse). So she gets off, this horse is covered in sweat and she doesn't rinse him off. Oh boy.. but has anybody had this problem lol. Or am i the only one near nut cases haha? Which is really sad in the end, he has potential and she's working him to hard at once. One thing i learned threw years of work, showing, and riding is be "Consistent!". Working him to the bone every 2 weeks is not working, specially when he pulls the "I'm a Stubborn Brat" card out on her all the time. I never let a horse get away with that if he can't do a simple warm up pattern he's not about to carry me over a jump. :x The worst owner... is a un-knowledged owner. :(

Frog 08-02-2007 03:29 AM

Been there!!

I sold a young warmblood to a teenager and her parents a while ago now. This horse was easy, he did need more specific education but could trundle around in a collected frame and was an 'easy point and shoot' jumper. I am not a jumps trainer and never pretend to be, but he never refused as he was so happy jumping, he could do an easy 4ft.

Anyway about 2-3 months after sale I caught up with the new owners at an event and asked how pony was doing, they both looked at each other turned to me and said 'fine' ALARM BELLS!!

I saw him showjump and cringed, he was barely facing 2ft and refusing!!

At another show I saw them again and asked if she was riding and the comment I got was 'oh no he's been really bad and we've had to send him off to be retrained' when I saw him with the supposed "trainer" he was refusing more violently than ever

What's harder than watching someone who is obviously riding incorrectly and ruining a good horse, is watching the same person ruining a horse that was your own and you can't do anything about it! :(

x-xExclusiveJumpx-x 08-02-2007 11:48 AM

I hear you, and people wonder why that get hurt in these events. Learn how to ride and maybe you wont get throw off, its that simple. I mean seriously if the horse was riding before and its not listening now... it wasn't the cats fault :roll:. Anybody else got stories of riders with no brain :lol:.

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