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msaddle 05-19-2009 07:04 PM

Lesson Suggestions
Hey guys! I haven't posted much on here as of late, but I'm definitely intrigued! It's hard to find a good bunch of horsey folks where I'm from. I've ridden horses since I was five, owned my own quarter horse, competed a little in dressage, etc. but I have a question for all of you.

In '06 I worked as an instructor at a girls summer camp teaching English riding to girls, ages 6-17 with a wide range of experience and I'm going to be teaching again this summer. We did basic walk, trot, canter, and 1 ft - 1.5ft jumps and my class was all girls 11-13 when I was there in 06.
I did a variety of things; lunge lessons, cavalettis, cones, trails, bare back, jumping, 2pt drills, 20 meter circles, etc. etc.
I like to mix it up, try to keep it interesting so the girls are always learning.

So my first question is what are some exercises you have done or have taught that have gone over really well? What do you like to focus on for beginner - intermediate riders?

My next question is this: I have to teach another part of the class that is equestrian studies based. In the past we've cleaned tack, brushed horses, washed horses, braided, played my own odd version of 'pin the parts on the pony' to learn the anatomy, watched horse flicks, and done a mock horse purchase. Are there any ideas of fun things kids could do to learn more about horses in a class room / barn environment?

I'm sure we'll go over this at orientation, when I start back at camp soon, and I have done it before so I have some ideas, but my mind is constantly trying to think up new ways to teach, so I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts! Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! <3

juju 05-19-2009 07:25 PM

Im a camp consular at my barn and i love to hear new ideas! I can't wait to see some suggestions!

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