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Golden Horse 09-21-2013 04:05 PM

The world According to Gibbs (He will be missed)

I don't have a clue why, my name was OT, like short for hot, 'ot and it worked well enough, but now they seem to call me Gibbs, or Mr Gibbs, which is just one of the very odd things that have happened to me this summer. (I know that the strange one has been telling her side of the story, but this is my side, but I may let her join in later)

They tell me I was born in a barn, a PMU barn, whatever that is, I don't remember much of those days, but a nice guy who was always there seemed to spend a lot of time talking to my momma, and then one day he just took me home. I lived with him and his humans until June this year, I let his kids ride me, went and helped them chase cows, and other stuff, but they were always in such a **** hurry, don't know why people are always in a hurry.

Then these strange women turned up one day, the strange one, and the one who seemed to know what she was doing, they took me out of my nice dry lot, away from my pony friend, and put me in this strange trailer. I'm used to nice sensible cattle trailers, nice open airy boxes, but this one, well it was like a coffin on wheels, and I didn't like it. The females seemed to be very insistent that I got in, so to keep them happy I jumped in. The fact that they were pulling me forward, and someone batted me on the butt had nothing to do with it, I was getting there.

We went for a drive to a strange place, and the strange one put some tack on me, and then walked me into this place like a big dry lot, only cleaner, and had letters on the fence, and odd bits of fencing in the middle, brightly colored, but not much use, you could just walk round them. The strange one got on, and the sensible one was talking to her a lot, and I got the idea she wanted me to walk around, and then we trotted, and then she was asking for a lope, I think, the strange one wasn't being clear, and I wasn't going to put the effort in unless someone was sure they actually wanted to lope, I would hate to go fast by mistake.

I'm not sure what happened next, they put me in the coffin again, still not keen, and took me back to the dry lot, it was good to be back with teh pony. Then the strange one went into the house and a lot later she came out again, and what do you know they wanted me BACK IN THE COFFIN, I wish people could make up their mind. I really didn't want to go back in again, but then I saw the man walking around the corner carrying a lasso so I thought it best to get in the coffin. I was in it a lot longer this time and when I got out there was a different dry lot, and no pony, but there was a horse I could talk to through the fence, so it wasn't so bad.

More to come....

Golden Horse 09-21-2013 06:09 PM

The next day things were still strange, and got stranger. The Strange One bought me some hay and food in the morning, and then later turned up with an even stranger one, they looked me all over, and then they TRIED TO KILL ME, I swear they had this spray bottle of evil chemically stuff that they were trying to get all over me, I tell you what with that and those darn flies biting me it was NOT a good morning. The even Stranger One was talking about something called Parelli, not sure what it is, but I did hope it included a rest, it takes a lot of energy to run around in small circles trying not to get killed by noxious sprays, even the flies didn't like it.

I was hanging about resting and recovering and saw my next door neighbor had disappeared, then there was all sorts of commotion, I don't know what happened but the big black guy appeared back in the paddock next door, and I heard mutterings about ambulance and hospital, and I never saw the strange one again for a long time, and the stranger still one has only appeared once more.

All in all July was a peaceful month, as I say no sign of the strange one, and I was being looked after by A MAN, it was good, he made sure I had hay and water, didn't try and poison me or make me do anything, and after a day or three he seemed to decide that the Big Black and I could be friends, so he opened the gate and let me have some company. It was a good time, no girls, just MEN, doing men things, chilling and eating. I LIKED July.

Golden Horse 09-21-2013 11:33 PM

This is Golden Horse rudely interrupting Gibbs story telling:

Today I had Gibbs tied to the trailer while I was removing burrs from his tail, suddenly he braced and started to pull back. I was so peed off, I really don't need another horse who is hard to tie, so I cracked him a good one on the butt. I looked forward to see a glimpse of a very indignant eye rolling back to look at me, from under a very very tight halter. Hang on, if he is stood up, how is his halter so tight?

Poor boy, he had put his head down and got the rope caught on the hook that keeps the door open, here, Bubba modelling the halter, hook circled.

So far from being a pig, poor Gibbs was suddenly hard tied with his head right down. He stood as good as gold as I rescued him, and then retied him without and issue. Good boy Gibbs.

Golden Horse 09-22-2013 04:35 PM

Gibbs on Girls
Girls are stupid, and I don't like them.

The strange one turned up again, and shortly after she brought a GIRL into the herd. Me and the Big Black, are the best of buddies, and she put a girl in next to us. I was polite and chatted over the fence for a while, but then TSO (The Strange One) put this girl in with us.....*shudders* She keeps wants to come and hang out, but the Big Black and I make sure that she keeps away, she is a big cissy anyway. This is about as close as we let her come

Then TSO, keeps trying to hug and fuss with me, and I DON'T like it, she makes me embarrassed, I can barely look at the bay mare or the big black, this was after she KISSED MY NOSE, so yucky

Then she keeps trying to put things on my mouth, I don't know what it is, but if I close my eyes she might go away.

Then yesterday was the biggest insult of all, she said she was going to try a blanket on me, WHY do I need a blanket, I have never ever worn a blanket, I'm a tough guy, nothing bothers me, apart from THIS...I mean just how wrong is this?

PINK, who can wear PINK..

Note from Golden Horse, actually Gibbs, Big Ben wore it last year and he survived, get over it.

Golden Horse 09-28-2013 01:38 AM

I had fun last night and this morning, I led the great escape,maybe I should be called Steve:lol:

I found out that the short electric fence at the back of the barn wasn't working, so I decided to take a stroll, the big black and the silly mare followed me. They weren't to keen, they are scared, heck the silly billies were living behind a rope before I arrived and showed them how stupid they were:wink:

TSO came and found us, but we were having such fun that we weren't going to be caught, she nearly got me, but I managed to slip away, and set off again. Then they cheated and started herding us back, now know how it feels to be a cow, I didn't like it. We got back in the yard, and I was going to lead them all off again, but TSO had a bucket of food and the silly mare decided that food was more interesting than me. If that wasn't bad enough, the big black decided that he wanted to go back as well, no sense of adventure some people, I didn't want to be out on my own, so I went back to.

TSO has her work cut out though, I led everyone through the burr patch, and we are all burred up, so she is going to have to groom everyone, hehehee, won't have much time to play with messing with photos for a while

Golden Horse 09-29-2013 02:01 PM

These people need to make up their minds, they changed my perfectly good name to Gibbs, then today she tells me my name is MUD around here!

I don't know why everyone is upset, I'm the one who should be upset:

First of all we got locked in the pen by the barn, just because I took everyone for a walk, then yesterday I heard a trailer turn up, I couldn't wait to see who was here

But I couldn't believe that they have brought another girl here, girls are silly

They put her in the pen next door, and the other two were all over her

BAH, I got bored, and then I found IT....

When they shut is in here the other day TSO took us in and went through and checked the gate in front of us, leaving the man to shut the gate we had come through. Well he shut it, and put the loop over, but didn't tie it, so I went for a walk....again, I like going for walks.

TSO came and got us, we didn't run away this time, the others were feeling guilty about leaving the new one I think, so she led us all back, that's when she said my new name was idea why. Oh and we all have burrs again, OOPS.

Now the Big Black and I are out in a small pasture, and TSO and the man were pounding fence posts around it, and the girls are by the barn, this maybe OK for a say or two.

barrelbeginner 09-29-2013 02:13 PM

Keep going:) I love reading this:)!!! Btw?? how are you going to get the burrs out!? Are you going to have to.. well Shave their manes?

Golden Horse 09-29-2013 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by barrelbeginner (Post 3753993)
Keep going:) I love reading this:)!!! Btw?? how are you going to get the burrs out!? Are you going to have to.. well Shave their manes?

Glad you are enjoying it, as to the burrs, as much as I feel like just taking the scissors and clippers to all of them, I will instead attack them with baby oil, WD40, a hoof pick, thick toothed comb, a bucket full of patience and probably a handful of painkillers, oh and antihistamines because I react like heck to those things!
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Golden Horse 10-05-2013 10:13 PM

It's been a beautiful quiet week, TSO and the man have been busy, so one or the other has been giving us a once over twice a day, although I'm not sure that "Hi boys, all feet side down and breathing" is a very respectful report on our status.

Today was different, TSO came out and caught me and the Big Black and took us up to the pen, and cleaned us all up. For those who were wondering how she was going to get the burrs out, she boasted about it here

It took her ages to do the big black, and I got bored, so I found something to play with

It was just hanging there doing nothing, I don't know why she was so upset, it was obviously old, it tore as I touched it, I have no idea what all the fuss was about.

The big question what is a "comb over?"

TSO was in fits of giggles after she got my burrs out, and was saying I looked like I had a comb over, I think it is something to do with my forelock.....maybe

It was kind of nice to see her giggle, when she was doing the Big Black she was crying, not sure if it was the burrs or something else, it's all a bit worrying.

Oh and this grooming thing, you know there are a couple of spots, one near my ear, and one on my chest, well it does actually feel kind of good when she scratches me there, I maybe going a bit soft.

Cacowgirl 10-06-2013 09:05 AM

OMG! Gibbs is a character-please keep it coming. DH keeps asking what I'm laughing at.

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