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RebeccaMI 09-21-2013 08:54 PM

looking for ideas for homemade jumps
Sometimes I'd like to play around with popping over a few fences, but I don't feel like going to the trouble of building standards. (Realistically, I don't know how good a carpenter I would be anyway.) Does anybody have any ideas of other stuff that could be re-purposed into jumps? I thought of using hay bales but discarded that idea because it involves moving the bales to where I want to use them and then putting them back in the hay shed when I'm done, and they're heavy! LOL. Maybe some of those stackable plastic storage crates? PVC pipe?

TrailDustMelody 09-22-2013 11:53 AM

We put wooden poles on tall buckets. Kinda dinky-looking, but it works. Look for thicker poles that won't fall down easily.

gssw5 09-22-2013 12:04 PM

I use cinder blocks to hold the ends of the poles, you can lay them on their side, stand them up, or put the ends of the poles in holes for a variety of heights. If you use them standing up with poles across the top you can use little shims to keep the poles from rolling. The entire thing will topple over if it gets knocked to hard though. I also like PVC poles they are light and easy to move around and store. The only draw back is they are easily knocked over. The cinder blocks also stack easily in a corner. I have also used barrels of varying sizes, logs, larger tree limbs and tires. Be creative, I drive around on garbage day looking for things to add to my obstacle course, my neighbors think I am nuts.

NaeNae87 09-26-2013 08:56 PM

Go to the tyre shop and ask for some old tyres. The companies have to pay to dispose of them and I am sure they will happily give you as many as you want.
They are really versatile - you can stack them as high as you want making jumps of varying heights and widths, You can pass a pole through them, attach it to different jump wings and voila, you have a home made XC jump, you can cut them in half and make fill and they can be left out in all weather. :)

Don't use PVC pipe, when left in the elements it becomes brittle and can cause very nasty injuries.

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