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x-xExclusiveJumpx-x 08-02-2007 12:46 PM

Eventer Market?
Well i haven't bought a horse in almost 4 years, so i need a bit of help lol. I'm looking for a jumper, over about 16H, and a little on the younger side. With experience, possibly at a well 3'2 by now, and i was wondering if anybody knows how the market ranges right now for an Eventer horse. Are prices high, good selling, or low and smooth pricing? I lease a horse right now, but i decided to start looking for one to buy. I prefer geldings, some times mares give attitude, or so the one's I’ve known do :roll:. I've been jumping for 14yrs now, and I’m very advanced my gelding is doing 4'6 and competing at 4'. But I’m willing to negotiate, must be in Florida, i live down South. For the right horse I’ll travel a bit though, I’m not going to put a budget until i get some feelers on what there going rate is. Or if you know anybody, and yes I’m aware of these listing sites, so please be polite and don't keep bringing them up :(

Equine Hit
Dream Horse

I'll be browsing them but i would really like to know if anybody else is in the eventing market and how's it going. Are people firm on prices, are there a lot of sticky horses out there? How much has things changed :lol:. Thanks

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