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howrsegirl123 09-24-2013 03:02 PM

Ariat tall boot help
I ordered two pairs of Ariat Heritage Contour field boots-one tall/slim calf and one tall/regular calf. I think I like the slim better, they're fitted but not tight. But the regular provide a little more room in places, but around the knee they seem too big. If I got the slim, would they stretch out some over time?
Also, I don't know if it's just me or others have problems with these boots, but on both sizes, they rub my ankle a bit in the back. Is it just because they're new and tight, or should they feel fine right now? I may not end up with either pair if this rubbing doesn't stop.

DuckDodgers 09-24-2013 03:37 PM

Are they zip up or pull on? If they're pull on then you can have them stretched if they don't end up loosening up on their own. That's a little more difficult with zip up, but still doable. How too tight are they? Like a little uncomfortable? Or I-can't-feel-my-legs uncomfortable? I'm leaning towards they will stretch out, especially with proper conditioning and breaking in, but I definitely wouldn't buy the ones that are already too big. That's a problem that can't really be fixed!

The ankle rubbing is normal for new tall boots. As you break them in they will drop around the ankle and the rubbing will lessen significantly. That said, breaking in tall boots is a pain in the butt... and can lead to blisters.

oh vair oh 09-24-2013 05:03 PM

The slim will usually stretch over time, it's better to do a little tighter than too loose. They all rub in the ankles and bruise your knees at first, aha.

I tried the Ariat Heritage and the Tredstep Donatellos and the Donatellos fit LOADS better than the Ariats.

I wear an X-Slim and the Ariats were noticeably roomier in places than the Donatellos. I like mine skin tight. The Donatello leather was better too, for the same price. You might see if you can try those on too.

Zexious 09-24-2013 06:18 PM

They should stretch over time. You want them pretty snug, so I would go with the slim pair, if they aren't too uncomfortable.

My suggestion for getting them to stretch is USE THEM. Ride in them, bathe your horse--if you get the leather wet then let it dry while wearing them, they will conform better to your calves.

Clean and condition the leather after that, of course! xD

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