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Incitatus32 09-24-2013 09:01 PM

Extreme Cowboy Race?
There have been many threads on western dressage so I just wanted to see people's thoughts/experiences on extreme cowboy racing.

I was thinking about what I'd like to do with my next horse and was throwing around the idea of doing reining and/or western dressage (because I like western and dressage and was looking for a horse that would be able to do both) but didn't feel like that would suit me. It seemed a bit too much like dressage imo and not enough western moves/feel in it (well at least until the rules change lol). Then I looked up the Extreme Cowboy races. Honestly I think I could get into it with my next horse (my mares just a bit too old now haha). Maybe I was thinking too in depth but, I saw it as what I pictured western dressage to be. The spirit of the western horse that's movement is not impeded by anything and above all is not arena work! I suppose to me it was like freestyle dressage... only faster!

Any who just wanted to start a nice conversation! Oh and how did you get started in it if you've done it? Did you have to be a member of any association?

oh vair oh 09-24-2013 09:09 PM

If you like ECR, you should look up ACTHA too. They combine trail riding with judged obstacles that require good equitation and horsemanship while completing them. Plus, it's a little more low key than ECR, but a good way to get into doing judged obstacles!

gssw5 09-24-2013 09:20 PM

I have watched Extreme Cowboy racing on video and in person, it looks like a lot of fun. I compete in the obstacle challenges which are fun, the Extreme racing is a lot of the same type of obstacles just faster, and timed. From what I have observed you need a horse that can go 0-60 and back to 0. You have to be able to run to your obstacle stop complete the obstacle with accuracy then move out again without getting hot and out of control.

I have practiced cantering between obstacles and my horse is calm and accurate on the obstacles but I don't know if my nerves can go that fast lol.

I am in Florida the organization that I am a part of that does the obstacle challenges and cowboy races is SOCA (Southern Obstacle Challenge Association) You can look on their website and learn more about it. Maybe there is something in your region where ever you are.

SlideStop 09-24-2013 09:38 PM

We had a "not so extreme" cowboy race at the local equestrian center the other day. I wish I could have ridden, it looked like a ton of fun! I don't see why you couldn't get a nice wester horse who could do reining, western dressage and ECRs. All require a horse who is calm, quick on the feet and have refined body movement.

Incitatus32 09-24-2013 09:42 PM

Thank you for the links! I'm hoping that I can get my next horse young enough to get him going my way, and the 0-60 and back to 0 is my #1 deciding factor in my potentials (not that I'm in the market right now but when I peruse the market haha). It seems I've gone the opposite direction than most; when I was younger I hated going fast and now that I'm older and more beat up I'm wanting to get faster. haha Thanks for the replies!

Because I just thought about it: has anyone had any experience with Morgans at these type of events? I work with morgans a lot, but we mainly do pleasure, driving, and saddleseat. Not reining and faster type stuff. I do love my QH's but at the same time Morgans are also in my list of potentials.

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