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KigerQueen 09-25-2013 12:53 AM

Temperature related behavior?
I posted a thread about my Arab's lack of brakes a while ago. I rode her I think MAYBE 10 times over the summer and most of the time is was a short ride in 106-102 weather (a cooler day here in the az summer). She did her usual not wanting to stop and acting like a brat (bolting when I ask for a trot, ignoring the bit and misbehaving while tied). I went to ride her this weekend and she was perfect! I suddenly had my wonderful trail horse back! The only thing I can think of was that is was 90-85 degrees out and cooler. She was willing to work and stopped (almost) on a dime! She must have been abducted by aliens lol. Could Her behavior be temp related? I don't think its her heat cycle because she goes into heat at least once to twice a month -_-' regardless of time of year.

SorrelHorse 09-25-2013 12:56 AM

I've never heard of that type of change.

My mare gets hot in cool weather when she feels good, and super lazy in the heat.

It's possible the change is the weather....I'd ahve thought she'd be easier to stop in the heat though. :lol:

tinyliny 09-25-2013 01:49 AM

Yep, most horses I know get fresher iwth the cooler temps. come the frosts, they will be very amped.

KigerQueen 09-25-2013 01:58 AM

Well my issue is that she acts like a complete buffoon when its hot, then is the perfect trail horse when its cool out.

Cherie 09-25-2013 08:08 AM

I would not draw any conclusion until you have many incidents of bad behavior in both kinds of weather. To draw conclusions from one incident is a pretty flawed summation of 'cause and effect'.

Good training and a 'solid' horse means that a horse will behave well under any circumstances. And yes! Horses are usually much more 'fresh' and silly when it is cool or a storm front is coming.

KigerQueen 09-25-2013 10:31 AM

This hapened last year and I thought it was a fluke. The hotter it is out the less she will listen to me. The nicer it I the more willing. I rode her last summer for most of it and she was a brat. Last sumer I rode her every day. This summer I mostly gave her off and sh still had bratty behavior. I rode her over a week ago when it was hot and she was having various moments. Last weekend she was my dead broke arab I had last winter. She started trotting and loping with her head down and relaxed and would stop without fuss. Walked her away from the barn and no barn sour behavior. Maybe I should go with she has been ubducted XD. I'm going to ride again this weekend and see if she is still good.
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JumpingwithBrirony 09-25-2013 03:19 PM

It could be her just getting mareish in the heat and not wanting to put up with it, she'll run... also im kinda wondering if she goes out in the summer or no? If she stays inside during the summer because of the heat then maybe shes bored and just wants to run

KigerQueen 09-25-2013 08:06 PM

Well she will stand in the sun for a while then go in. she is in and out a lot. there are misters and a screen tarp blocking the breezeway by her stall. works like a swamp cooler and its nice on her end. she gets turned out for 3 hours a day with another mare to graze, and when she is done she puts herself away lol. Her routine has not changed at all recently just the weather. I was mostly wondering if anyone else had a horse the refused to work in the heat (or just became ornery).

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