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my2geldings 05-24-2009 08:20 PM

Couldn't do it: buying a new horse
Well because of my current family situation, I had decided to take some time to myself and focus on me. Most of my family moved to the US for the next year which leaves me here alone. I figured with surgery coming up, focusing on me would be the best idea but as it turns out, that therapy I was getting from being with horses was a lot more evident when it was there than it is now.
Cobalt tho I do miss him, turned out as an excellent project on which I made very good money on.

I have decided I am going to get a new horse.

A horse some of you might be familiar with from last year. I had actually been eyeing HER for the last week or so. Look for her in the draft section :wink:

my2geldings 05-24-2009 10:18 PM

Here is what I get for posting before everything is official on paper. The sale just fell thru.

I was going to transfer out a cheque in the morning but that wasn't enough. Someone local to her outbid me and dropped off funds before I had a chance to :cry: REALLY disappointing news.

So back I go, going to keep looking until I find the right one. Will keep you posted, and will post pictures of my possible buys.

Whipple 05-24-2009 10:24 PM

Awe, sorry it didn't turn out. But yay that you are getting a new horse! Can't wait to see who the new prospect is!

NorthernMama 05-24-2009 10:41 PM

Well, isn't that something. Back at it, eh? Therapy is as therapy does. Good luck on your search!

BryCowboy7 05-25-2009 12:09 AM

I am sure that everything will be alright :)

Vidaloco 05-25-2009 10:48 AM

Took me a second to figure out who My2Geldings was :lol:
Glad to see you are thinking about getting back into your horse "therapy"
I was wondering though, for when you can ride again. Would you be better off getting a slighter bodied horse? I know my Vida is much easier on my old hips than my QH mix was. she is very narrow backed narrow barrel.
I hope everything else is settling down in your life. Sorry the deal fell through on this gal, but the right one will come along. Nice to see you are looking at mares. I rode with a lady who was on a gelding a few days ago. We decided that girls can be persnickity once a month but boys can be that way all the time :wink::lol:

NorthernMama 05-25-2009 12:54 PM

V -- maybe she'll have to go gaited!

my2geldings 05-25-2009 02:02 PM

No the next horse will be a Clyde, not gaited :lol: I don't know how to close and open gates anyways ;)

I'll keep you posted :)

NorthernMama 05-25-2009 05:34 PM

Funny. LOL

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