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centrestableswendy 05-24-2009 08:33 PM

Second set of canter videos, plus one "jump"
Here's an updated video of my cantering. I know there's still a lot to work on, but I'm feeling more relaxed, and at one point, you'll see me pretty much just forget about the reins like I'm trying to fly, haha. I was testing myself to see if I was relying on my hands at all for balance, or if my legs were doing what I wanted them to. The "jumping" video is a riot. It was hot and Moosie was tired. It was just for fun. Critique is welcome, but try to be kind, haha.

DSCN1232.flv video by wdc1980 - Photobucket
DSCN1231.flv video by wdc1980 - Photobucket

DSCN1233.flv video by wdc1980 - Photobucket

smrobs 05-25-2009 01:58 AM

Ya'll look so good together and I absolutely love Moosie. Your right, that jump was a riot ;) You are doing incredible, just keep up the good work. The only thing that I notice is that you still lean too far forward. I think that more time "flying" may help with that. :) Great job!!

G and K's Mom 05-25-2009 11:19 AM

You guy's look good. Pretty horse.

The only thing I see is that there doesn't seem to be any give in your hands.

centrestableswendy 05-25-2009 01:17 PM

Thank you for the comments! I am working hard on sitting up more and keeping my shoulders back. My hands are a work in progress, but that's made more difficult by the fact that I have to wear a stupid brace on my left from when I had my surgery. I'm finally letting my elbows bend and not "bracing" with my arms. Moosie is an awesome horse, and has done wonders for me. We will be going to a show this Sunday, May 31st, doing adult beginner w/t and w/t/c. I'll keep posting videos of my lessons as things progress, and I value any and all comments! Thanks guys!

english_rider144 05-26-2009 01:47 PM

you lean a bit forward in the canter and when you go back down to a trot you pull your reins up way to high. shorten them and pull back lightly. Do no bring them up so high to get him to stop. otherwise you look good.

Jacksonlover 05-26-2009 04:41 PM

looks pretty good! everything i would say has already been said. your hands seem a little low in the canter though, if you pick them up a LITTLE bit, that will help you put your shoulders back! good luck!

horseluver50 05-26-2009 05:33 PM

The main thing I noticed was that you are too far forward... ur hands are resting on the horse, you should shorten your reins and hold ur hands up higher.. other than that.. great work! beautiful horse!

centrestableswendy 05-26-2009 06:41 PM

Thank you everyone! I am slowly making the changes, and we'll see what happens. Now that I am more secure with my balance and stronger legs, I am relying less on my hands. It still feels awkward, since I have such short arms and Moosie has such a LLOOOONG neck! I went for a lesson today, but quit after 5 minutes. On top of my balance issues, and my arm surgery, I was diagnosed on Saturday with having a nerve root compression at my L4 in my back. Somehow my L4 vertebra has been pushed up against my L3, pinching off the nerve. *SIGH*. Oh well, just one more thing to work through!

smrobs 05-27-2009 07:08 AM

That is awful news. I hope it is not causing you too much pain. {:(

On a lighter note, I don't forsee you having much problem overcoming that too. You are a very courageous and inspiring woman. :)

centrestableswendy 05-27-2009 10:11 AM

Thank you smrobs. It's definitely a minor setback, sine I'm not going to be riding as much before the show as I had planned. I was supposed to ride Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with the show on Sunday, but that got cut back to Sunday and Saturday. I finally figured out where my hands should be, lol. Lift my hands and keep a straight line between mouth, hands, and elbows, and I will automatically sit up straighter at the let's just see if I can do it, haha!

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