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BarrelRacingLvr 09-27-2013 11:24 PM

NBHA Finals was....
AMAZING! I know I am a few days late on posting but I am posting now lol!

So Friday we ran a 16.5 it was a good run but he just didn't feel like he was really firing hard. We placed 3rd in the Youth 1D and 6th in the Open 1D so got some money there.

Now Saturday was the districts Spirit Day so of course I had to get all wild and crazy and that is what I did lol! We were all decked out! So anyway he was calm, cool, and was just chilling out while waiting for my drag (which helped ease my nerves because the more fidgety he gets the more I get nervous). So we make our way into the arena during the drag to let his eyes adjust. While waiting he is good, a little bit chompy but nothing horrible. Well our turn comes around and I am like ok JJ....I am gonna give you your head and boy did he make one heck of a run! Ran a 16.161 (our fastest time in that arena)! We won the 1D out of 370+ riders and also won the Youth 1D which cinched the Youth Average for us as well! I was shocked and speechless when I looked at the board! I though oh you know it is probably going to be a .3 but boy was I wrong lol! He ran SO hard and straight between 1st and 2nd just wow. I have rode this horse for 6 years now and NEVER in that time have I EVER felt him power THAT hard in a run. It was such an AMAZING run and he knew he did good lol he was SUCH a animal after the run and was so hyped and jacked lol.

Now Sunday was a decent run...he was pretty hot while we were waiting (I was last out in the drag and shouldn't have went in after they just started the drag). So he had himself pretty worked up by the time our run came. He bounced off the fence on 1st and didn't have the smoothest barrels and ran a 16.4. Was out of the money but it was a clean run so we still were in the average! I was 2nd in the average for a long time but by the end I had been knocked to 5th which was alright with me lol! 5th in the 1D average out of 370+ girls...not to shabby at all!!

So overall it was a GREAT weekend and I had a GREAT time with friends and family. I am so pleased with my guy he worked SO amazing and gave me his all. I came home with over $1400, a Saddle, a breastcollar and headstall, and 2 jackets.

Now for some vids and pics!

Friday- Saturday- Sunday-
Now for once I didn't purchase any pictures from Finals lol! But a friends mom got a couple of me during my runs.




A friend and I lol

Me and JJ all ready to run

JJs 3rd saddle! Was a GREAT way to end my last year in the Youth!

Our 1D Average Award

My friend won her 1st saddle over the weekend! So a pic of her and I!

So it was a GREAT weekend, I have worked hard this year and just haven't gotten much back at all. So NBHA Finals really payed off for me!

Whisper22 09-28-2013 03:44 AM

Wow! That's incredible! Congrats! The videos were great. You are FLYING!

Casey02 09-28-2013 01:12 PM

Those are some great runs! JJ's handsome as ever! I love the last picture of you guys with your saddles your friend looks so happy to have won her first saddle!

BarrelRacingLvr 09-28-2013 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Casey02 (Post 3746585)
Those are some great runs! JJ's handsome as ever! I love the last picture of you guys with your saddles your friend looks so happy to have won her first saddle!

Thank You! And yes while awards were going on she was so fidgety and just couldn't sit still lol! She had the biggest smile and was glowing the entire evening, it was pretty awesome and she has worked hard!

Casey02 09-28-2013 01:31 PM

Good for the both of you!

MsLady 09-28-2013 02:02 PM

Congratulations! You guys looked awesome and your hard work payed off.
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waresbear 09-29-2013 08:20 PM

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TxMarine 10-05-2013 03:40 AM


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