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horseNpony 09-28-2013 05:33 AM

Random story I wrote
Im in a writing mood so I want to write a horse story, so here it goes:

This is way too slow! I stared out across the endless paddock as the horses infront of me trudged on. My school thought it would be a good idea to have a horse camp for the year 11s, well, here i was. I stretched up a little to see the 10 girls in front of me, this was meant to be an adavanced group, yet we were all walking.
"Hey Lizzy"
I turned back to see Cindy staring at me, she was the last one in the line, i do not even know how she got into this group as this was meant for girls with OVER a years worth of riding experience.
"At my grandparents place i once rode a 17.6 hand horse, she was super experienced but i was good enough to ride her!" Cindy smirked at me
I sighed, i had told her so many times 17.6 hh horses don't exist. But of course she knew better, cindy always knew better.
Romeo turned his head and looked at me, i took my foot out of the stirrup and stratched his nose. Once satisfied he turned his head back onto the path ahead. I felt Romeo tense, i turned and saw Cindy running her horse, Star, into Romeo. By the time i saw this it was too late, Romeo lifted both his leg and sent a kick their way, Star spooked and bolted, closely followed by Romeo who got caught up with the commotion Star was putting up.
Both horses galloped side by side, i sat deep in the saddle and tried to keep my balance, Cindy held onto Star's neck with all her might. Both horses veered around a tree and at that moment i saw a huge fallen log. My instincts kicked in, i gathered my rein, leant forward in two point, shut my eyes and jumped.
I opened my eyes and found myself on the other side of the log, i patted Romeo who was puffed, i guess he wasnt used to jumping. Thats when i realised Cindy and Star were no where to be seen. I walked Romeo onto the other side of the log and i saw her lying against the log, underneath Star who was struggling to get up. She stood but Cindy did not move, i watched her stomach move up and down slowly. Her face was bruised and he body was crushed. All i could go was turn Romeo around and run, run and get help.

Theres no real reason i wrote this, i just felt like it and i thought people might enjoy it. :-) so read away :D

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