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xxBarry Godden 09-29-2013 12:59 PM

The Performance
Author's note. I was looking thru my files for something to post as a new thread. I stumbled across this one which is all about my dapple grey Irish Draft mare competing at dressage. She won that day, bless her.
The Performance.

I watched her go round and round the ring. She and her partner made it look all so easy. I had worked with her on many an occasion but the fact was that if she had the right partner then she could do it and make it all look oh so easy. But I couldn’t follow. It didn’t matter how much grace I tried to put into the performance. I didn’t feel good. She, bless her tried, but if I missed even the part of a beat then she had to catch me and adjust for me. She always did manage but it meant that she in turn was just that fraction off beat. And it showed.

Each time I dressed her up and got her ready for a performance, she looked at me and asked whether I was up to it. I always managed to look away as I answered and my words were always positive because that was the only way to answer. My job was to get her ready. She must look good and at her very best It was to be her show, not mine.

She was the star event All of the unctions had to be applied and she had to smell fragrant. Her hair had to hang down nicely. It had to glimmer, it had to shimmer. The judges were going to critique how she moved. She had to be in perfect balance. Her timing should be impeccable. Every twist, every turn, every stop was to be perfect. I knew she could do it. She knew she could do it but I knew I couldn’t do it with her and so did she.

So she was off to the show with young Kate who knew exactly how to wow the judges. Kate knew what would appeal in my girl’s performance. She had been there before. Been there, seen it all, got the Tee shirt.

So I stood back. Kate would take my girl into the ring and I would watch. It was up to me to make she looked good - it was up to Kate to make her move. Just a squeeze here and nudge there. Everything to be subtle and delicate

And on the day that’s how it went - perfect. She won against all the odds. She got a rosette and I got to pin it over her stable door. Was I chuffed! Magic. Well done Girlie.

Does it matter that I can’t sit on her whilst she does it. Not really. As long as I don’t think about it.

What it is to love a dressage horse.


tinyliny 09-29-2013 01:33 PM

where have you been?!!! we need you.
So glad to read your writing again. it's lovely, as always.

xxBarry Godden 09-29-2013 02:00 PM

Where have I been? Well it is a long story really but suffice it to say that I am sleeping again - and a full night's sleep gives me the capability to write.

Tiny, It feels good to be back amongst some friends.

FlyGap 09-29-2013 02:01 PM

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Hi Barry!
So good to hear from you! Hope all is well.
Lovely post!
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jaydee 09-29-2013 02:11 PM

Lovely story - and a lovely memory for you too
I 'bumped into Barry on a welsh pony thread this last week!!!

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