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amberly 09-29-2013 01:11 PM

Update on my Photography!
I had another thread sharing my photography website, on Amberly6008.wix or something like that. I found a much better site that has so many more tools and doesn't say "create with Wix" all over it.

I have a bit more photos and I just finished Updating my website.
All the pages on it were separate and some fell under the "more" tab.
No blog page, quite boring, no new photos.

I have all the animals grouped under one tab, where you can hover or click on "Animals" and it gives you some choices to look at. I added a blog page and got a new cover page and added just a few new photographs.

I would just like your opinion on my website now - if I should change anything, any tips, or just anything would help a bunch!!

Here is my Photography webpage:

Mods: I have three links to Horse Forum. Click on the "Animals" tab and it appears. There are also two others - one on the Horses photograph page and one on the Contact me page, just to make sure visitors see it and I surely hope that a few join!!

amberly 09-29-2013 03:07 PM

I also added a survey on there a few minutes ago - if you want to fill it out!

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