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Lilley 09-29-2013 02:34 PM

How do you establish a driving club?
There are some drivers in our area of Georgia but no clubs. My husband and I are starting up the Middle GA Cart, Carriage and Wagon Club. We made a facebook group and already have 25 people on the group. We have 4 people who want to be "active" members. We just started gathering interested people a couple of days ago so nothing other than the "headquarters" has been confirmed. We will use our boarding stable/ranch as our starting point.

So, do any of you belong to a club? Can you give us some advice on making a successful effort? We want to start slowly with a casual atmosphere while looking to get into sponsoring cart competitions and wagon train type events in the future. Do we need by-laws right away or can we wing it for a year? I guess that really depends on the membership.

Hubby and I have some experience starting organizations as we were part of the founding group for a bagpipe band we participated in. It took fuve years of working with everyone but we got by-laws in place and we incorporated as a 501c non-profit.

Any advice from y'all would be greatly appreciated.:D

Clayton Taffy 09-30-2013 05:43 PM

Try putting an ad on Craigs List.
Checking out the ADS website for any members in the surrounding areas.
Put ads in the breed registries for drivers, mini assoc, AQHA, Paints, Morgans, Arabs, Saddlebreads, ect. Any horse that drives, also the Draft and Mule registries.
Start a facebook page. Check out prize lists from past shows in the areas that had driving. Post on the Carriage driving Classifieds, The carting Zone, Carriage driving on line, Draft horse sale and trade, CDE and pleasure driving, all on Facebook.

Lilley 09-30-2013 05:55 PM

all good suggestions. Thanks, Taffy. We do have a facebook group and 25 members on that but I suspect that most of them are not drivers. We have at least 2 others with horses and carts that have joined so it is looking good on getting members.

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