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freia 09-30-2013 05:09 PM

16" Collegiate and 16.5" Passier for sale
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• You are welcome to try it for 48 hours and return it for a full refund if it doesn’t work out
• I hold your payment for 48 hours.
• Saddle must be returned in the same condition it left in.

• I’ll ship if you pay via Paypal
• Shipping is $25 or actual cost, whichever is less

First the Collegiate: $190
All-Purpose “Pony-Club” saddle from the ‘80s with small knee blocks, suede knee-rolls, and a deep seat. It was made in Argentina.

• The tree is solid and straight.
• Billets were replaced 2 years ago and are excellent – none are cracked, and only one is slightly stretched (see the picture of the offside billets)
• No dry-rot. Leather is well-conditioned and solid.
• The foam in the panels on the underside was replaced 2 years ago, and is pristine. The panels are thicker and more substantial than you what you typically find in most foam panels, and it is soft and cushiony, yet provides ample support for the horse’s back.
• The padding inside the suede knee-rolls is in great condition, and does not show any signs of breaking down.
• One of the tree-point pockets has torn out slightly. I took this saddle to a master saddle to have that repaired, and he said it would be a waste of time and money, since the tree is attached in so many places that there is no chance of anything coming loose. This can be seen in the picture of the nearside billets.
• There are very few scuffs, scratches or dings on this saddle’s leather.

Tree size:
• The tree-size is not marked on the saddle. I have approximated the tree size by measuring the angle between the tree points, and it is well over a 90°. This is a medium-wide or wide tree.
• I have fit this saddle nicely on medium-wide and wide horses. I have used it on a medium horse, but I had to use correction pads in the shoulder-area.

freia 09-30-2013 05:13 PM

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Then the Passier: $200

From Passier’s records:

“The saddle with the serial number 184 158 is a Century Allp.saddle VS, size 16,5", havana-brown, medium tree of KE 27,5 cm, NO knee rolls, NO gusseted panel. The saddle was built in January 1980.”

• The tree is solid and straight.
• Billets are excellent – they are neither cracked nor stretched
• No dry-rot. Leather is well-conditioned and solid. The exception is some cracking in the leather covering the panels on the underside. It appears that someone rode without a saddle-pad at some point.
• This saddle has been used a lot. The leather on the top surfaces has some minor scratches and scuffs, especially in the cantle region. This is all cosmetic. There a quite a few scratches in the leather on the underside of the sweat-flap – also cosmetic.
• The wool flocking is quite firm, and is slightly lumpy, and could definitely benefit from being reflocked. I have been using it with a felted wool pad and a Thinline halfpad with no problems, but I wouldn't use it to long that way.
- It's missing one billet-guard. I can give you an aftermarket one.

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