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BackInTheSaddleAgain 05-28-2009 11:15 PM

Pre-Purchase Exam VS. Health Certificate
I'm picking up a blind sale filly in 2 months. We're crossing state lines with her, so we are getting a health certificate for her. Would this suffice for a pre-purchase exam? or do Pre purchase exams go more in-depth?

Solon 05-28-2009 11:17 PM

Nope. Pre-purchase exams (at least around here) are a lot more in depth.

CJ82Sky 05-28-2009 11:42 PM

Keep in mind a pre-purchase exam is just a snapshot on the horse's soundness for any intended use at that immediate point of time, and make no guarantees or estimates about the future. There are some great articles on them at The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care if you are interested in reading more.

A health certificate simply says the horse is alive with no symptoms of sickness or disease and is cleared to cross state lines.

Solon 05-28-2009 11:46 PM

Our pre-purchase/vet exams cover quite a bit and you'll know if there are any issues you need to be aware of prior to buying the horse. You can as far as getting x-rays but most just get flex test and the other basics.

You should always always always get a vet check no matter how much the horse costs.

Wanted to add there aren't any exams out there that could possibly guarantee the future health of the heath of horse. Anything can happen down the road. But an exam is your best way of knowing at the time of the exam what is going on. Your vet might be able to let you know what the horse could be prone too but that's about it as far as what the future holds.

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