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ChingazMyBoy 05-30-2009 06:05 AM

Punkin's *first* ride
Today I rode Punkin after several weeks of working with him....working with him did nothing. So really it was his first ride.

When I got on him he bolted straight back to the gate, so I got off and dragged him back out to the riding section and he walked around for a little bit then bucked and bolted again. This time I had him lead back out. The third time he bolted I managed to pull him round and stop him from bolting.

We only walked around though and Jahla(his owner) wants me to keep working him and has given me premission to ride him whenever I want. The first time he bolted on me he nearly bucked me straight over the fence.

Jahla, Jahlas mum, my mum and Jahla's dad are really proud of me. I feel so happy and I can't wait to ride him again tommorow and to tell dad!


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