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courtois2004 10-02-2013 01:35 AM

cant find a good folding muck bucket.
My wife is into dressage and hunter jumper and goes to a lot of shows. I usually go with to help bit I have a new job and can't. But at these shows u are suppost to clean ur own stalls (which I usually did) and she brings younger riders with her to these shows that have problems trying to carry the muck buckets to the dump piles. A solution to this would be a dolly. Tried that and the girls still have problems dumping. So I need a wheel barrow problem with that is there isn't room in the trailer. I'm needing a dump cart that folds flat or comes apart easily. I actually can't believe something like that is so hard to find. I can only find one on the market and its a little pricey at 300 dollars. So has anyone found something or have any other ideas that would help.
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verona1016 10-02-2013 01:43 AM

I've seen both of these being used at shows:

This one is cheap, but also very unstable and not the most "fun" to use FOLDING DURA-CART -

This one is very stable, but expensive, and the one that I saw up close in person got a bit of shavings or something caught in the tracks that the end slides into and it won't slide in all the way anymore (and believe me, she tried to get it out!), so there's always a 1" gap at the bottom that stuff can fall out of while you're rolling it around. Fold-It Barn Cart -

ETA- if you have room for a large bucket this type might work for you too: Tuff Stuff Muck Cart - Handtruck and

I got this one for myself ( but despite saying that it "Folds easily for storage or travel" it doesn't fold anywhere near flat.

courtois2004 10-03-2013 03:29 AM

Well I fixed my problem with a little ingenuity. I bought a small wheel barrow with a plastic dump ( for weight purposes) and removed the two legs. I then welded a rod from front to back for support. I then made up 4 U brackets out of flat stock. I played the legs on the from just behind were they are supposed to be mounted and drilled and bolted the front two on the from. Then I drilled the back to but instead of using bolt I uses PTO pins. Now the legs are removable and now when placed against the wahh it only sticks out 14 inches. A lot cheaper then the 300 dollar cart.
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