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eventerdrew 05-30-2009 05:23 PM

She's pushing her mare too fast! WWYD?
One of my friends has a 5 year old Trakhener mare by Windfall. She is a very nice mare and is approx. 15.2. My friend started eventing this mare last year at the horse trial that I started my horse at. We were in the same BN division. While she did ok, she didn't do great. The next event, she moved up to Novice. The horse STILL had problems with ditches, water, and banks and that was proven when she had 3 stops at a single ditch at Novice. This friend claimed that there was nothing wrong and her horse was perfectly brave (she's not a naturally brave animal). After just three Novice events (one win, only after my trainer made her over her fear of ditches) with many time penalties and several jump penalites, she moves the mare up to Training. This girl has NEVER gone Training before and you can tell the mare is not ready. She has never had a young horse and I am afraid for disaster. They are an accident waiting to happen. She wants to run the horse Advanced when she is 8 and will stop at nothing to get there.

WWYD if you were in a situation where you felt obligated to tell someone that they are pushing a horse too fast only to save them from danger... leave it alone? or say something?

our trainer is moving overseas so talking to the trainer is not an option. Parents are clueless about horses.

Solon 05-30-2009 05:26 PM

I would have the trainer say something. If the trainer won't, then yep I would say something. However, sometimes they (the people that behave this way) need to have a fall before they get it through their heads. Best wishes.

Seeing a lot of these same stories lately, makes you wonder about people!

1dog3cats17rodents 05-30-2009 05:32 PM

Even though the parents aren't horse people, I'd still talk to them. Explain to them the very real dangers of serious injury or death to their daughter and/or their horse. Then see if they would be willing to talk to their daughter. They could tell their daughter without saying your name, just say that "someone" expressed their worries to them

draftlover215 05-30-2009 05:38 PM

I would say something, but try to say it in a tactful way. If you can get something across tactfully, without sounding accusing, a lot of times someone will listen. There are times though, when no matter what you say someone won't do it or believe it. I see this a lot. I train horses and a lot of times owners will ask me "Well, why can't she do this yet? Because my friend has a horse JUST like her and THEY can do it." And no matter how hard you try to explain that THEIR horse isn't ready to do it yet they just don't understand. But, if you say something at least when the disaster DOES happen you can sit back and know that at least you tried to warn them. I agree with Solon though, some people just need to fall off when they try to push too hard, too fast. Hopefully, a fall will teach her that her horse really isn't ready. I just hope the horse doesn't get hurt.

Off topic, but I LOVE your horse eventerdrew. He's STUNNING! :)

Spirithorse 05-30-2009 05:51 PM

I would say something. For the horse's sake. I can't stand it when people get so blinded by their own goals that their horse's confidence issues are simply an inconvinience. It makes me so mad. The horse just becomes a tool, not something valued for the right reasons, and the horse is the one who pays the price in the end.

MIEventer 05-30-2009 06:00 PM

She should sign up for an Eventing Clinic - I would be interested to hear what the clinitian would have to say. If it were Dorothy Crowell, Bill Hoos, Darren Chaicchai or even Jim Wofford - they'd put her in her place before she could blink an eye.

You should have her read Jim Wofford's articles about progressing up the levels before you should be. He clearly states that you should spend minimal 1 year at 1 level before you progress, and you should place top 3 minimally at 3 recognized USEA Events.

So for example, before I progress to Training Level - I should spend a full season at Novice and place top 3 for minimally 3 recognized events. Not unrecognized - those don't count because non don't have to follow regulation heights or difficulties.

Your friend, is going to get hurt - back to Jim Woffords articles - he clearly states that riders such as your friend, are the reason why Eventing is getting a bad name because of the 1) Lack of respect for the sport/fences 2) Over facing themselves before they are thoroughly trained - and prepared mentally and physically.

But with riders like her, who are putting themselves before their horse - I have no respect for. I am more concerned for her horse who can only follow his rider. She is one of those riders who more than likely will go through horses like toilet paper.

Have her read Jim Woffords articles and the # of accidents that have occured in 08' due to riders like her. I wouldnt beable to keep my mouth shut - for both their sakes...but I would most definately have your Instructor have a discussion with her before they head oversea's.

eventerdrew 05-30-2009 06:07 PM

thanks draftlover! she's 3/4 tb 1/4 shire. thanks for the replies. The only problem with me talking to her is she thinks i'm just jealous and won't listen. The trainer is hesitant to say anything for some reason. I will be suprised if her horse's mind isn't blown when she moves her up to prelim, which she will soon. She doesn't realize that she is getting through xc by the skin of her teeth because her horse is scared. She refuses to believe that her horse doesn't have enough scope for intermediate.

Shawneen 05-30-2009 06:55 PM

Give me her # - I'll call her LOL

eventerdrew 05-30-2009 07:06 PM

lol shawneen! mieventer- she was in a clinic with buck davidson recently and entered in the training group. he does really challenging exercises and it became clear early on that the horse was freaking out about the size of the fences. Buck recognized this and took the jumps back down to a novice level. He told her that the horse was not ready for that level of technicality

appylover31803 05-30-2009 07:08 PM

do you have another horse person that can be like a neutral party to say something to her? Maybe someone at one of the events or someone else at the barn?

If she has that attitude towards you, nothing you say is going to get across.
Since your instructor is hesitant, I would find someone else. (if I were that girl i would have a lot of respect if my instructor said something to me about how im riding)

Are there any like officials at the cross country events that could not allow her to progress or even enter a higher level?

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