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Ashleysmardigrasgirl 10-03-2013 04:35 PM

Soooo!!!A lot has happened since Iíve last made it onto the computer. Iíve moved a considerable amount of distance from where I used to live and live at about 8500ft in altitude so winter should be here any minute now. Weíve already had our first snow and have a foot coming tonight! Iíve gotten a new house with a few acres. A new horse and a new dog! My family has been growing very rapidly and I couldnít love it anymore!:D

Iíve been really busy fixing up the house and yard for the horses; planning and pulling permits, hand digging holes for fence posts, spending tons of $$$ on supplies to build said fence and *fingers crossed* a small barn, stock piling hay for when we won't be able to get the trailer out to get hay, winter blankets; basically just getting everyone settled in for what promises to be a heavy winter for us. Thus, Iíve had little time to do anything regarding online.
Before I cut out from online-world, I had just finished my ďcart CaddyĒ which works wonderfully even of washboard-y, pot hole, and rut filled dirt roads. Plus, you get plenty of odd stares, rubber-neckers, and even pedestrians whoíve come up to me and said theyíve never seen a cart (meadowbrook) in real life before, only in movies. The only down side is if I have my horses inside I canít get them out lickity split. Which bothers me but, luckily I donít drive the cart around unless I need to move it from one place to another (IE moving to a new house LOL). Also, a new thing for me which Iíve obtained is a flat bed trailer though itís life seems to be determined as the designated hay mover/storage platform. Iíve been buying large bales since just getting down the mountain to get to the highway that leads to town taken about an hour and in a suburban, more gas than I care to keep track of LOL.

Iíve bought a new Iím sure to be controversial treeless dressage saddle. Which I reaaaally like. Iím really excited to share a developing project which Iíve just started planning for (among many others currently in the works) which is a hay steamer. I was wondering though before I started buying stuff if anyone has had or has any experience with steaming hay? I don't really have a salient issue with my hay other than every now an again itís a little more moist in the center or a small touch of mold here or there... Iím just really interested in trying out new things and have heard rave reviews about the benefits of steamed hay. Also, since Iím buying hay in large bales and the instance of mold (especially with the rain weíve had here in Colorado) has been causing spots of my bales to get some mildew/mold. I toss the suspect hay obviously and would continue to do so though the idea of eliminating some/all of potential mold spores has been tantalizing.

Oh and I'm looking into converting a meadowbrook into a sleigh. IDK if it's even possible so don't laugh lol, I've found Buggy to sleigh conversions but, considering there's snow here though april I ought to get out and do something :-/

maybe I'll just be saving up for a sleigh for next winter X-D

Taught her how to bow & lay down.

What can I say she's sooo cool, lol

she's got a new BLM mustang buddy named "Chenoa"

... and she's such a sweet heart

need to get more of her, these are from when we first got her home basically...

and one of the many pictures of critters that live nearby that I've been collecting...

oh and landscapes too....

michaelvanessa 10-03-2013 04:53 PM

hellow and howdy
howdy hows it going i have to read your string and wow your horse is awesome.

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 10-03-2013 05:22 PM

HI M&V!!!! How've you been??? She's fab ;-) I think we'll keep her lol


forgot about the new dog, he's a rescue and about 1.5 years old.

he's a red/blue heeler. We LOVE our heelers/aussies so he's fitting in perfectly. He's been with us a little over a month and we couldn't imagine not having him now :D

greentree 10-03-2013 05:40 PM

Good to catch up!!! agree with MV, awesome horses!! Glad you are happy there.


michaelvanessa 10-04-2013 07:21 AM

beautiful dog
hiya what a beautiful dog you have there and your horses as well.
greentree its nice to hear from you again.
its great to hear from you mardgrasgirl and that you and your fammaly are well.
green tree i have my tack bedroom pictures in the driveing colloum.

Clayton Taffy 10-04-2013 09:40 AM


Great Photos, glad you are doing well and not flooded out.
Burrrrrrrr, I didn't think life was sustainable above 8000 feet.
Isn't that above the tree line?

Looking forward to snow photos now.

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 10-04-2013 11:35 AM

No in Colorado the tree-line varies depending on where you are. In Southern CO the tree-line is something like 12,140ft in Northern CO, where I’m from, it’s about 10,500ft. So we’re not quite at tree-line yet, LOL.

I've got picture for the morning... I just love it when weather moves in. It makes stuff so interesting.

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 10-04-2013 01:31 PM

having issues loading pictures up for some reason...

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 10-04-2013 01:48 PM

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 10-04-2013 01:55 PM

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