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LaUrEn! 08-08-2007 03:44 PM

Sharing horses
hi, just registered so hello to everyone! the moment i am sharing a horse, hes 15.1hh appaloosa, 3 years old and we are backing him at the mo. Ive paid for half ownership and i love him to bits as he has been bred on my livery yard. The only problem is that the original owner (also yard owner) seems to make all the decisions without me. She says i have to check with her before i bring him in to lunge him, and has decided to send him to someones yard to get him finished off. I did agree to this but she only told me tonight that he is going at the weekend, and had never checked that it was ok with me. I just feel left out of the ownship allthough we both have the same amount of him. Does anyone else share a horse or have had the same problems?
Thanks x

meggymoo 08-08-2007 04:03 PM

Hi and welcome Lauren.

:( That must be hard. Have you tried discussing your thoughts and feelings with the other owner. Unfortunately when you share with another party, you tend to find one side takes it upon themselves to be the more domineering kind. Not in all cases but it does happen quite often.
As you own 50% share, I should try and make it clear that their ruling for checking things with her first, works on both sides. Unless you say something, this other owner will keep on taking the lead.
We'd love to see some pics if you have any. Hope it all works out for you. :wink:

Clay 08-11-2007 09:08 PM

This will probably never work. At least for me it would be like trying to share adopted children with a neighbor. I would recommend getting out of this horse share as quickly and graciously as possible. Maybe she could buy your half out and you could find another horse that could use all your love and attention. Just my two cents.

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