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CheyAut 05-31-2009 11:32 PM

Barn name ideas?
I'm sorry I can't post the photos of them, as I can't access them at work, but if you go to then horses, miniature horses, mares, you can see them towards the bottom of the page....

But any ideas on barn names for these two fillies I have coming are appreciated :)

First one is a perlino filly named Oak Grove Legends Marina.

Second one is a silver filly (looks silver black in the one photo I have, but since I haven't seen her unshaved, could be silver bay... I own her dam (this filly was born to the prev owner of the dam) and the dam looks silver black when freshly shaved, but when not, is clearly silver bay... see Cinder Oaks Amber Eclipse on the mare page and it shows both her freshly shaved and growing back, you can see what I mean!) named PRF Destinations Dubai.

Names don't have to go along with their registered names, although if you can think of something from those, that's cool ;) I'm not too fond of human names for horses, although there are exceptions so feel free to give any ideas you have :) I like more unique names, rather than ones that are super common to name horses... but again, not opposed to some common names, either.

I fail at names, so the more ideas, the better :)

Bears Girl 06-01-2009 08:59 AM

For the perlino.....Shine, Moon, Glow

For the silver....Cinders, Cinderella, Pheonix (as in rise from the ashes), Storm

Sorry, they are just a few quick suggestions.

SqueakersmyRomeo 06-07-2009 07:46 PM

Okie or Oakee
Google or Doogle (; >>my doggie's name is Doogle, he he
Kitty or Kitten
Scotia (pro. Sko/shuh)
Sabine (pro. Suh/bean)
Halley or Haley

(: Hope I helped???

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