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SlideStop 10-04-2013 09:43 PM

I have never been officially diagnosed, but I think I have it. My mother has it, I consistently am messing up b and d when writing and sometimes I forget to add in characters while I'm writing, sometimes thoughts come out backwards too. It's never been really bothersome, if anything I have a very mild case. It doesn't inhibit me ANY way... Except for being embarrassing when my thoughts come out flip flopped or I spell something totally wrong and A classmate is checking out my notes. If I have to hand write work I just need to pay a little more attention to what I'm doing.

Problem is... I REALLY feel like its gotten a lot worse!! I'm trying to write up my nursing care plan (i don't want to type it since its double the work) and I feel like there are cross outs EVERYWHERE. For example I was just trying to write magical. I wrote down mg, then I stopped and said to myself "you moron, you forgot the A!". Crossed it out and rewrote it. It's like I know what I'm saying and I'm perfectly capable of write it but there is a disconnect between my head and my hand!!

Very frustrating. Can this kind of "exacerbation" be from stress? Maybe its from to much writing on the computer? Maybe its to much fast sloppy writing (like when I'm taking notes in class, my handwriting has TANKED from just trying to get everything on the paper!)? Maybe I'm not focused enough?

Any thoughts on "retraining" myself?

Like I said, its more annoying to me then anything, and sometimes these little mistakes make me feel stupid. Other then that I'm a more then capable student, my average is 86-88 without applying myself. I could probably be a 90-95 student if I was as anal as some of classmates!

Thanks for reading! :D
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Bagheera 10-05-2013 12:43 AM

I know when I'm stressed at work I will sometimes write things out wrong or get tongue tied when talking. The only way I can really fix it once I realize I'm stressing out, is to take a few minutes to relax, talk myself into believing I can accomplish everything that is stressing me out, and just slow down a bit to make sure it's done right.

gunslinger 10-05-2013 06:26 AM

By any chance are you in a rush to finish?

Maybe slow down a little and try to focus?

SlideStop 10-05-2013 09:06 AM

I wouldn't say I'm rushing, but moving at a time efficient pace. There's always more work to be done. I'd say I was pretty focused too, as I wanted my paper work to look presentable. Hard to do when there are
5 cross outs of every page!
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Viranh 10-05-2013 09:13 AM

The only thing I can think is read and write more. That can help some. It's possible to flat memorize a certain number of words. However, if it's dyslexia, you're always going to make some mistakes. My husband has it pretty badly--to the point that deciphering text messages or notes from him can be quite a chore, and he is allowed special accommodation in college. The more he reads and writes, the easier it is for him to do it, but the spelling issue is just something to live with to some degree. He is completely unable to tell words which sound the same apart. I'm not sure he can even look at them side by side and tell they're different words. I do feel like his writing is easier to edit when he's been doing more of it, though.

Sharpie 10-05-2013 10:14 PM

Everyone on my Dad's side of the family is dyslexic. Severely so in most cases, male and female alike- to the point where it impacts both daily life and their ability to function. I have never been diagnosed, but believe that my strong drive to read as a child helped me overcome it significantly. Now, I still can't write, spell, or read aloud properly. bgdpy are all the same **** letter so far as I am concerned most of the time (handwritten or on a keyboard), I start words somewhere (anywhere) in the middle half the time, and the drug names I have to know for work are a constant challenge as one syllable or even letter can make all the difference, but it works out. I say things flip flopped as well- is that part of it? To compensate, I avoid writing by hand as much as possible (thank god for spellcheck!). The way I figure it, we've all got issues, I'm no different, best to just figure out what workarounds work for me and drive on.

SlideStop 10-05-2013 10:58 PM

I was actually an early reader and I still read when time allows. My mom was also a big reader. I cannot read allowed to save my life, mostly for the fear of messing up, but I read in my head just fine. I do tend to skip if I'm not reading something that I like so I have to back track and reread, but not often, and I usually catch myself. I'm very grateful I don't mess up on the computer! ...and thank God for spell check, although I'm thinking of doing away with my auto correct. My spelling went from good to fair, not cool!

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