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BreakableRider 10-05-2013 01:53 AM

Really dumb question about gaited horses
Now before I ask my question let me say that I worked/ volunteered ( for riding lessons when I was a kid) for a horse trader for eight years. In that time I rode around 30+ new horses a month and usually 5 of those a month were gaited breeds. So doing the math that is roughly 480 different gaited horses that my butt has been on ( unless my math at 1 AM is very very wrong). This was also a pretty low end operation and most of the horses I rode were pretty questionable.

Can gaited horses buck? I have NEVER been on a gaited horse that could buck worth a darn, it's just like their legs couldn't transition from their gait to a buck. Again, lots of these horses I had to ride were kind of rank. Now I could understand if I had only been on a handful and had just been lucky, but out of nearly 500 not a single one has been able to do more than a teeny tiny little crow hop, not even a kick out where the hind legs extended, just a hop in the back end a few inches off the ground.

I know it must be a stupid question but I am really curious.

Palomine 10-05-2013 06:09 AM

Oh yes. They not only can? They do it very well.

Mostly though, they are fairly apt to go along with the program, and want to please owners, and are more inclined to try to figure out what is wanted, than duck that head and come unhinged in the middle.

As a rule though, they are not as cold backed as many QH's are, depending on bloodlines, so you just don't get as much of it from them.

gssw5 10-05-2013 06:20 AM

Oh yes I have seen them buck. I saw one rodeo bronc once, the rider ended up a** over tea kettle laying in the dirt.

Palomine 10-06-2013 05:15 AM

Matter of fact...this made me remember one with had at barn I worked at...big chestnut Saddlebred 5 Gaited gelding...can see horse but can't remember either name...darn it.

But guarantee he was going to break in the middle when legging trainer up. And really bad at outdoor shows too, you would have to lead him out away from warm up ring and let trainer go up and then he would duck head and let 'er rip tater chip!

Pretty good at it too. Can still see trainer and him in my mind.

Wish to HECK I could remember his name.

PasoLargo 10-07-2013 01:33 PM

Oh yeah, they can buck. I was bucked off my friend's Paso Fino mare when I was 16. They can go from dainty to rodeo times in a split second lol.

Corporal 10-07-2013 01:48 PM

OH, yeah, they can buck, rear, trot, pace, do the "broken washing machine thing" and explode...just like every other horse.
There ARE no dumb questions when it comes to horses. They are prey, we are predators and we just don't think the same. =D

womack29 10-07-2013 09:59 PM

Oh yes they can and do it well. I had a mare that just did not like men. She was an awesome TWH I used for trail but if a male rode her she would ultimately leave them in the dirt. Very amusing since she was about 14.2 hands

BreakableRider 10-08-2013 06:42 AM

Interesting, well I'll count myself lucky then that while working there I only came across the ones that had no desire or talent for bucking at all.

jimmyp 10-08-2013 08:22 AM

My experience is that MOST of the gaited breeds are very level headed and are more willing to go with the flow...... But I have a little Paso mare that I believe took pleasure in bucking her fool head of when she didnt want to work.


amberly 10-08-2013 08:46 AM

oh yes they can! They can INDEED!!

I feel so sorry for our foreign exhcnage student who came to visit us again, he rode our new horse chocky and he was starting to fall off and chocky has never had a rider fall off before. So Chocky came from his running walk to his finest buck!! Gabar landed right on his bum and scraped his elbow. But so far we have only had a few rears out of him. But he is getting better every day we work with him.

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