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howrsegirl123 10-05-2013 10:55 PM

English show coat/shirt/horse colors?
I have a bay horse, and I was thinking about getting a grey jacket and either pink or lavender shirt, but after a visit to the tack store the lady there helped me with colors and she said a bay would look better with a more brownish tone jacket. So I'm probably going to be getting a gray/brown jacket with a coral shirt. What do you think of this color combination? What are your opinions on what colors look good with different horses and what color shirts and jackets look good together?
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paintedpastures 10-05-2013 11:03 PM

I have a dark navy{with stripe in it} Hunt coat. I used it for first time this year & had a Mauve/purple shirt looked great.My horse is a BAY tobiano:D

oh vair oh 10-06-2013 08:49 AM

The trend right now is black on black for AQHA hunters with bay/black horses. Personally I think a navy hunt coat with a white or pastel blue shirt is always a classic. You rarely see a brown coat in the ring though? I would have to see the coat to be sure.

I have a sorrel and I wear a green hunt coat with a coral/tangerine shirt.

(Sorry about the watermark, I have the original but I can't find it.)

Personally, I think your color combination would look better with a sorrel horse. For bays I would go with black or navy. Also remember that if you aren't wearing black or navy, you will be noticed more (for good or bad). :)

Coffeejunkie 10-06-2013 08:56 PM

Are you showing stock horses or rated hunters? That makes a big difference. If you're showing rated any color dark shirt is out of the question.

Stay away from pink always.. unless you're a novice youth (and want to emphasise the novice part) or i guess maybe if its very VERY pastel/muted.

If you're showing eq, always stick to a lighter shade or (preferrably) white shirt. As mentioned above you can't go wrong with a dark blue or black coat.

Yes dark/dark is on "trend" in the stock world (which is my playground) but I started out showing rateds and the not so old traditionalist in me makes me want to gag when I see it. Especially if its at a large show in an eq class. HUS.. ok whatev, that's fun fashion playtime. I am ALWAYS a sucker for black with burgundy/wine or grey (only because they are the 3 colors that make up 80% of my closet) and that's as far dark as I can tolerate.

CLaPorte432 10-06-2013 09:10 PM

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I've never seen a brown coat in my area. They just aren't attractive, and brown coat with coral shirt...sorry but yuck! That does not even sound appealing to me, lol.

navy or black, with a pastel blue or mint green, or go with white.
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waresbear 10-06-2013 10:14 PM

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I have a thing against beige, I just hate it as a clothing color, so it's black and white for me. Attachment 296018

howrsegirl123 10-06-2013 10:52 PM

The coat is actually more grey with a brownish tone.
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