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twogeldings 06-02-2009 10:58 PM

Makin' mah own Likits 8D
Likit Ingredient List:
Starch Molasses -- Molasses
Dextrose Monohydrate - Sugar
Food Colouring (FD & C No. 40) - Food coloring
Potassium Sorbate (E202) - Some sort of preservative (I would assume)
Natural Flavouring - Carrot, apple, banana, mint, etc.

In other words: Utterly easy to make!

Sure, Likit refills in general are cheap. But they only come in so many flavors...and with no tasty things inside like oats and grains. And apparently their horribly difficult to remove from the package and actually refill to the Likit holder itself.

I'm going to be making my own holder. What are some of your guys' experiences with the Likits? Apparently horses can bite off chunks and eat them, something I'd like to avoid. Otherwise Loki would chow down the whole thing in 5 minuets then rocket off the walls :shock:

I'm going to first try peppermint. I'm looking into grains and things at the moment. I'm not to sure yet on what I'd like to put in them. Do horses do well with oatmeal? I don't feed oats (can't, makes 'em to hot) and a 50 pound bag would probably go bad before I could use it all...

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