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AQHSam 10-06-2013 05:28 PM

Aha Moments
I had a lesson today and brought my video camera.

I had several "aha" moments during the lesson. Finally, my instructor provided verbal cues that I understood at the precise moment I could interpret them. She has been telling me to press my hips through my elbow and I thought I was doing that.

Today, she not only told me to pull my elbows back but to thrust my pelvis over the pommel. I heard her and executed that and I managed to post 3 steps in proper form. :lol:

Everything she had been telling me made sense in a blinding flash. I have been having problems with leaning forward and standing in the stirrups and the whole crotch only over the pommel helped me get it.

We added the side pass lesson for the first time today. And she caught me trying to execute a pass to the left with all my weight on the right. So, my second AHA moment came from the recognition that I am mistakenly off-leaning. As soon as I corrected my own weight balance issue, Sam executed the side pass pretty well for his first full attempt.

The third aha came at home while watching the video. I look terrible! the video was before the aha posting moment, so I was able to clearly see what I currently look like. My shoulders were more forward then my hips. Wrists further apart then elbows. i was going straight up and down and not that whole twerking thing. :shock:

Also, my legs. This was probably the most revealing and shocking. In another thread we talked about western versus English legs on body. I was convinced today during the ride that my legs were glued to his side. But there on video, for the most part, from the knee down my legs are off the body and when my legs are on the body, my heels are well off the horse. Almost bent at the ankle out. My heels are down, no worries there but there was no consistent contact with my legs.

Since i felt I had contact, seeing the blatant lack of contact was very good.

I also was able to see my horse move and he is a wonderful mover. I have been complaining that he has a horrible choppy trot, but in looking at him move, he maintains a consistent pace, his hooves meet well together, his top line is steady.

So, last aha moment. stop blaming the horse. :wink:

waresbear 10-06-2013 07:21 PM

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YES, YES, & MORE YES! This is exactly my experience with my instructor and the video camera. There was some western issues and my body & hand position I was blaming my horse for, when it was my position. Nice how the aha moments play out, isn't it?

tinyliny 10-06-2013 08:28 PM

I can hardly bear to watch myself on video. all I can see is the negative.

farahmay 10-11-2013 02:16 AM

This happened to me yesterday! I watched a video of myself and my legs were off the horses body, my shoulders were leaning in and I was on the wrong load for like half the time -.- next week I know what to do ;)

MusicalHoofBeats 10-11-2013 05:58 AM

Watching videos helps so much, but I hate doing it. I don't have an instructor right now and I'm on my own as far as critiquing my riding skills. I really need to work on keeping my toes forward, I used to have no problems but ever since my riding break (wasnt near any barns as I was in a village in China) my skills have sunk

Clava 10-11-2013 06:10 AM

One of the reasons I am so addicted to my monthly Ride With Your Mind lessons is because of those Aha moments :D My RI is fab and so astute that the smallest movement of my toe for example, will have an affect elsewhere and to feel that moment of change is amazing. A good RI is wonderful and mine works entirely on getting the rider correct, never on putting the horse in a certain shape, but the horse ends up moving correctly if I can sort my awkward body out.

I often video myself riding so I can see the faults and know what to work on, but it can get depressing.

frlsgirl 10-11-2013 01:22 PM

I've had several lessons in a row where I thought, I'm never gonna get better but I kept going back anyway and then one day...AHA, I finally got it.

Love those AHA moments.

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