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eralcx3 06-03-2009 06:23 PM

Calming supplements--which one??
My mare, recently(past couple of months) just started going insane everytime I ride her. Ever since I got her in November 2008 I have lunged her before every ride. Lately I have been needing to lunge her, get on her and if she acts crazy I lunge her over a small jump for about 10min and then get back on her but that doesn't even help very much. She has always tossed her head a little bit and has always had energy but lately shes been tossing her head everywhere and throwing her body around. She reared up on me the other day, almost straight up. Her head is constantly up in the air(with or without martingale). I have tried about 4 different bits so far. The best one is the D-ring with copper rollers. I am getting a new bridle this week because I think the one i have now is rubbing her nose. I started using a gel pad incase her back is sensitive. But she is still going insane. I have also tried just walking her and going on relaxing trail rides sometimes so she doesn't think she has to work everytime I ride her. Nothing seems to be helping. Also, i don't know if this matters, but I do ride her about 4 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less(depends on weather and how busy i am). I do jump her and do jumper shows with her. She is an 8 year old Morgan/QH cross.

My trainer told me to try a calming supplement with her feed to see if it helps. She told me to try "moody mare" but that is for PMS symptoms and hers isn't PMS, I don't think, since she acts like this all the time now.

Here are the ones I was thinking of trying but I do not know which one is best:

Quietex Powder: Quietex Powder from SmartPak Equine

SmartB1: SmartB1 from SmartPak Equine

SmartCalm Ultra: SmartCalm Ultra from SmartPak Equine

Moody Mare(the one my trainer said to try): Moody Mare

If you have any other suggestions they are greatly appreciated. I wouldn't like to spend an insane amount of money on supplements but I know sometimes you have to spend a lot for something good.

Thanks a bunch!!

Shawneen 06-03-2009 06:47 PM

Well I don't think that is the right way to go about it. Ahhhh, the beauty of horses!!! I think you both need to do a lot of groundwork. That probably isn't what you want to hear, but most trust and bonding comes from the ground. How does she act when you aren't riding her? It sounds to me like she has some anxiety issues. You said you do jumper classes - as in timed? A lot of horses that do timed events, that I have come across anyway, get very anxious when they are ridden because that is all they do.
I applaud you for going every route to try changes, but my opinion is giving her calming supplements is the wrong way to go. It is just trying to put a band aid over whatever issue is present.
However if you would like to try it, it is your horse and I have used "Calm n Cool" on horses that get ancy in trailer rides - rocking the truck and trailer all over. Not sure the exact spelling. It comes in tubes like a wormer and I think it takes like 30-1 hour to kick in. If you want to use that as a trial to see if she calms down at all you could give her some of that a little while before you ride. It won't have a drastic effect, just takes the edge off - so again, if she is anxious enough that won't even help. So I wouldn't look for some miracle supplement that will make her change like night and day.

Good luck :)

Solon 06-03-2009 06:58 PM

She sounds like a candidate for the hormonal implants. We had a mare where I board that was like yours. The hormone thing can really be irritating for the mares.

The implants work so well and they last 4-6 months. It calms them down so they aren't always moody, flighty, cranky and everything in between. After the mare got her implants she was so easy to handle and ride.

You might talk to your vet and see what the options are.

With some mares, it's not really a matter of training. They just are so hormonal they can't function.

Not sure if that is the case with this mare, but it sure wouldn't hurt to check into it.

Shawneen 06-03-2009 07:02 PM

Wow Solon I have never dealt with a mare like that. How does a vet decide that it is the right way to go? eralcx3 said she is always like that, not just certain times. Could that still be horomones?

Solon 06-03-2009 07:05 PM

Most definitely. Our vet made the decision after hearing the boarder's story of the horse being difficult to turn out, to ride, to handle, to groom - everything was drama, drama, drama.

So he did the implants and it worked pretty quickly. It was like she was a different horse. She was calmer, easy to handle, good with the other horses. He said that hormones can be really really irritating for the mares and they act out due to extreme discomfort and sometimes pain.

The implants were a literal miracle. There have been others that have used it with the same results.

Shawneen 06-03-2009 07:09 PM

That would be really interesting to see if that is the case. I know mares can be mare-ish LOL but I have never had one that is just downright snotty all the time. Well except for my monster, but she is a whole different ball of wax.
She's a B when you AREN'T on her - she thinks she rules all!

I will wait and see if eralcx3 says if she is like that when not being ridden also.

MyBoyPuck 06-03-2009 07:22 PM

What is her regular diet? Is she eating anthing high in carbs, sugar or corn? Any of them could make her hot.

eralcx3 06-03-2009 07:39 PM

When I said all the time, I meant all of the time when I am riding her, woops. haha She is perfectly fine when leading, standing, bathing etc.

I don't remember exactly what brand her feed is but on the website it says 12% Sweet Feed and days that it is nice the horses are let out on grass during the day and brought back to the dirt pasture in the early evening where they have hay. I don't remember what type of hay it is though.

I do, do jumper shows but they are only once or twice a month, not very often. And an occasional paperchase. Sometimes I can get her to calm down and put her head down and stay slow but the MAJORITY of the time her head is way up and she is speedy speedy speedy.

One of my friends uses calm n cool on one of her horses and on their other horse they used Total calm and focus but they didn't think that one worked very well.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Solon 06-03-2009 07:41 PM

Call and ask about the implants. That might be your best bet. If not, he could recommend something else.

eralcx3 06-03-2009 07:44 PM

Alright, I will definitely look them up. Thanks!!!

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