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twogeldings 06-04-2009 12:00 AM

Ripped out mane!

So I was sitting outside, letting the boys graze in the big pasture for a bit when Loki and Red come racing. My reaction goes as follows:
"Oh look here they co-WHAT THE HECK IS THAT IN HIS MOUTH?!" :shock:

It was long. Cream colored. It was A HUGE CHUNK OF REDS MANE E-E

Loki of course had dropped it somewhere in the pasture. Bugger.

Red has a mane like Loki, normally. When Loki's not busy destroying it. It's really quite pretty, long cream mane and tail accents his deep chestnut nicely. Now, he has a mane that goes like this:


| - Long part (braided)
- - Short part (ripped out)
^ - Horse ear

Did he pull out in the general bridal path area? Nooo, of course not. He pulls it out near dead center. Looks horrid. There is maybe 2-3 inches left now. I'm floored. His mane was already wrecked from tangles and Loki, now it's just...augh. Theres no actual damage to the horse, other than he may be a bit sore for a while. He looks rather goofy when he turns suddenly and his new hair style puffs up at random xD

Should I roach it? Would it grow back to it's former glory? Should I leave it and let the pulled part regrow on it's own?

Loki's bloodline seems to have weirdly fast growing hair. If I clip his bridal path, within six months it's pretty much right back at the regular mane length. I don't know if this is the same with Red yet.
Both sire and dam have beautiful, long manes. Well, his sire USED to, until it was roached. Now it's rather stubby. But you can always tell his dam from the herd by her long, wavy locks of cream :)

twogeldings 06-04-2009 12:21 AM

On a note; I keep my manes pretty much tangle-free. When I brought Red out at first, his mane came in one HUGE, MASSIVE knot. It was freaky. Plus Loki apparently had a field day with it. -sigh-

My original post came out in kind of a 'I don't groom my horses!' way. There actually quite all clean and shiny. Especially Red now, finally. I love his summer coat ^^

smrobs 06-04-2009 12:31 AM

That's terrible. Loki is such an ornery little S**T! I would just let it grow back at it's own pace and I would take the rest of the braids out so that Loki doesn't have anything else to grab ahold of and pull out, the little stinker.

twogeldings 06-04-2009 12:31 PM

Aw...darn...I should have posted this under 'Grooming' not 'Health'! >-<'

Loki is! xD Red mane was already rather shortish to begin with, about half a neck long. Used to be nearly shoulder length x-O I suppose within a year or two it should be back to normal. I'm crossing my fingers that Red got those same hair-growing genes as Loki!

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