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BarrelRacerTX 10-07-2013 12:19 PM

Keeping my horse clean?
My horse is a very pure white, no spots or anything and he's so pretty that way. How can I keep his coat so pure and clean? I've tried scrubbing to remove the stains, but nothing helps. Any ideas?
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Speed Racer 10-07-2013 12:55 PM

Bottom line, you can't. Horses are livestock and prefer to be dirty for a variety of reasons, plus constant bathing and scrubbing will hurt their skin and hair coat.

The only time you should worry about your horse being clean is before a ride, show class or for photo opportunities. Otherwise, leave him be. Dirt isn't going to hurt him, but over bathing definitely will.

I have a fleabitten gray. Most of the time I just knock the dirt off, get off as many stains as I can, and call it good.

Tarpan 10-07-2013 01:06 PM

Keeping a horse clean involves redefining what you consider clean.

verona1016 10-07-2013 01:10 PM

I wouldn't bother trying to keep it 100% clean until you're right about to go to a show. If he's neat in his stall you can help keep him clean by making sure the area where he lays down is clean, and turn him out with a waterproof sheet/blanket when it's muddy. If he's not neat in his stall or really enjoys rolling, you're fighting a losing battle :wink:

When you do bathe, I really like Orvus shampoo.

BarrelRacerTX 10-07-2013 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by Tarpan (Post 3812753)
Keeping a horse clean involves redefining what you consider clean.

Sorry I wasn't that clear. I mean just clean, something to take away most of the dirt marks for shows?

Speed Racer 10-07-2013 01:17 PM

Orvus shampoo for overall cleaning, QuicSilver/Cowboy Magic for spot removal, and a sheet if you're attempting to keep him clean overnight.

Cynical25 10-07-2013 03:24 PM

When I showed Paints, my routine was shampoo with Orvus, then one round of Quiksilver everywhere, a 2nd round of Quiksilver on the legs & white tail if needed, then Showsheen everywhere except where saddle goes. Once dry, it's sheet, sleazy/hood, and polo wraps to keep 'em gleaming. But those grooming products are VERY drying to the hair, and dry hair will absorb stains even faster, so I highly suggest NOT using them for regular grooming.

Soft, moisturized hair doesn't absorb dirt and nastiness as fast so they'll look and feel cleaner longer if you use a moisturizing shampoo like Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo or EZ All Anti-Allergen. Through the years my dark colored horses occasionally got cheated with cheapo human shampoo like VO5, but whites need the good stuff every time to keep cleaner, IMO! I top dress all colors of horses with Healthy Haircare Moisturizer every other day or so to keep the hair moisturized and repelling gunk.

I've found Miracle Groom or Lucky Braids Whitener & Dry Wash Shampoo are decent quick fixes for a stain, or when the weather doesn't allow for a bath.

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