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Horselovinfan 10-07-2013 10:03 PM

Solutions for a ring sour pony
Hey all,

So I've been having trouble with my lease pony lately. He is awesome in the first half of the ride but then jut starts running at the trot during the second half and I can't get him to slow back down. My trainer said she thinks he may be ring sour which I think is a strong possibility because during the summer I would ride him in an empty field at least once every two weeks but now that school has started again, their are horses turned out in that field when I ride. So, I've been doing all ring work for at least a month. Anyway, my trainer told me to try to switch it up to make it interesting like riding in another field, doing more groundwork, just walk around the rings, or just switch up my riding routine. I'm going to try to do those things, but I was wondering what your solutions for ring sour ponies are? Keep in mind that because I'm under 18 years old and lease a school pony I can't go on trail rides or jump when not in a lesson.

Thanks! HLF

SlideStop 10-07-2013 10:38 PM

Exactly what you said. Do other stuff except ring ride. Work him anywhere around the property then take him in the ring to relax. Let him know the ring is a good place to be and it doesn't always mean work. Build your time up in the area gradually.

On the flip side make sure he know that his little pony melt downs won't be tolerated, nor will they get him out of work! Lay down the law there!
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