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will99 08-10-2007 11:12 PM

Question about horse head down...
Hi everyone,

i went and see a horse to buy today (Q.H. Paint Gelding 9 years old). He was used like a trail horse and i noticed that his head is always DOWN and when going very slowly (slow walk) his head (not his neck... just the head) is MORE on the inside (he looks like horses in circus that they always had the head in the inside) but he is so gentle and he is ridden western with one hand... i mean he is really good horse but what i wanted to know is, WHY does he always has is head down? Is that a problem? is that just the way he was trained?

I would appreciate your input on this!

Thank you very much


Sw898989 08-11-2007 11:01 AM

Before I begin, what kind the bit is this horse use?

Flying B 08-11-2007 04:48 PM

Bit doesn't matter, I ride in a snaffle and my horse has his head down, he has his head down because it puts more wight on there hind end, and try to tuck there hind end under them. It all so help stop sway backs because when there heads are down there backs go up where when they have there head up there back goes down, you try it works on people to.

will99 08-12-2007 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Sw898989
Before I begin, what kind the bit is this horse use?

good question... when i went and see the horse i didn't see what bit the guy had... my mistake... but i will try one of mine here which is a Stainless steel Thumb bit (splits in the middle..) and see if there is a difference...

Thank you


will99 08-12-2007 08:52 AM

This is a sample of what i mean and even more in
This is not my horse (picture taken from a site) and that is the way he does it and sometimes it's even more in... i'm not even sure he can prperly see!




Bucko 08-12-2007 03:45 PM

Well, if it's like the picture, I don't see it being a huge problem. I'm not huge on posture, but I think a lot of people actually look for that in a horse, am I right? As long as it's not affecting reining or otherwise making something harder, it should be okay. I wouldn't worry about his vision, if he's cool with it and he's not tripping right and left, I'm pretty sure he can see just fine.

OneStride 08-13-2007 12:09 AM

If the horse is 'framing up' then that is fantastic. Unless, you aren't an english/equitation/hunter/jumper person (haha, I used a lot of slashes xD) . That pose in the picture, although weak, is known as 'being in a frame' and the horse is encourage to propel from the hind-end, to move into your hand and thus be 'on the bit'. This is a coveted level of training by most english (dressage, HJ or equitation) riders. I'm not sure about western though.

Either way, its not a fault - its fantastic if it is in fact a frame, and you ride english. If western, well, thats beyond my scope of knowledge. Best of luck!

stefie 08-13-2007 01:07 AM

hey, umm with his head position coz he is a western horse most of them are use to being so relaxed coz there heads are always down, they just have it as a habit and they lik to keep there heads down just coz its more relaxing.
its not really a problem at all if u want him as a western horse...but if u want to use him for jumpin or something then u might just hav to do a bit of training with him.
u will find that if his head is always down he is just a really calm horse and enjoys bein who he is and where he is.

but with the head slightly turned into the right side i would say that he has just down ALOT of work that way, u might just need to do more work on the left side and loosen him up a bit....but also u might want to cheak his back and see if that is all good and make sure that his poll isnt out

will99 08-13-2007 09:24 PM

Thank you everyone...
Thank you everybody, i just received the horse yesterday and for now he has to be separated from my 2 other horses until i feel he is ready to join the other 2 and after that i will post a picture of him..


Flying B 08-13-2007 10:27 PM

That is a good thing if you ride western, the head should be lower but nose in just like that. It has nothing to do with being relaxed, I have seen some of the most relaxed horses keep there heads way way up in the air. Horses can jump with there heads down like that my horse can jump 3 foot jumps like that any thing higher he picks his head up a little, they arn't dumb they know what they have to do with there body to make it work.

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